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Rachel Bilson (?) Did ‘Funny or Die’, is a Sexy Rapping Doctor I Guess

I’m sorry, but this just might be the worst thing I’ve ever seen on the internet. Aside from streaming episodes of Hart of Dixie, where Rachel Bilson plays a fish-out-of-water doctor from New York City adjusting to small-town life down south, that is. That’s pretty bad, too, but this? This is just The Most Awful Ever. I honestly think I’d be OK with watching ‘I Love My Friends‘ on loop for an hour than have to sit through this again, and that’s kind of awful, too.

The video is horrible, the language is NSFW, just so you’re aware, and Rachel Bilson has probably never been more unlikable in life. Then again, I never really cared much for Rachel Bilson enough to talk about her, let alone actually form an opinion, so this might be a total win for her. Is that what you were going for, Rach? Because if it was – if it was a ploy just to get people to formulate an opinion on you one way or the other, good or bad – then I suppose it was a complete and utter success.

If not, well. I’d be curious to see who gave you the thumbs-up that this’d be a fun, campy thing for you to do because they were wrong.

Thoughts, friends? Is it really all that bad, or am I just being hormonal and quite easily turned off today? Both are really safe options, you know. I’m OK with either.

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  • Eh, it was kinda funny. I don’t really care about Rachel Bilson either, but the video was semi-entertaining. It wasn’t awful by any means. I think you’re being a little hard on her.

  • Awful, I think you were kind. Lol. She seems desperado. . .funny that the website was Funny or Die . . . her career may be dead after this one.