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Blind Item: Which Celebrity Is Too Desperate for Attention?

From Blind Gossip:

Her career has waned, but this girl isn’t willing to sit back and see other young performers take any headlines away from her. Lots of antics in the past couple of months, each one that should be accompanied by the caption “Hey! Look at ME!”

Significant Other starring in a movie? Upstage him on the red carpet! People talking about how good looking he is? Wear (or don’t wear) something that creates a photo frenzy! He scored another big acting job? Create a rumor that you are in contention for a big TV job! His brother is having a baby? Adopt another pet! Your movie flops? Get another piercing or tattoo! Not cool.

Her hunger for fame and need for constant attention is exhausting everyone, especially her Significant Other. Word is that he is looking for the exit door.

Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus for days.

Her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, did The Hunger Games, of course, and she wore that ridiculous outfit to the premiere. Everybody realized how beautiful Liam is, and Miley flashed her vag to the paparazzi. Liam’s career has started blowing up, and Miley almost got that X Factor gig. Liam’s brother, Chris, and his wife just had a little baby girl, and Miley just adopted yet another dog. Nobody liked Miley’s new movie, LOL, and she just got her nose pierced. Did we cover every single thing in that blind item? I believe we did.

Even though I feel like I made a pretty solid case, do you think this blind item means anything other than that Liam is getting sick of Miley’s shenanigans?

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  • Haha I don’t really think that’s the case. If people did not care,there would not be any “photo frenzies” or whatever…

  • MILEY GOT HER NOSE PIERCED AGES AGO, GUYS. Jeez, the state of journalism these days. Especially with regards to these important issues.

  • You forgot the crazy weight lost à la Nicole Richie. Just wait and see. And obviously he will go far away from her.