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Miley Cyrus Got Another Dog

A photo of Miley Cyrus

And no, I’m not talking about that poor little dog, Happy, that she found in the Walmart parking lot two weeks ago. I’m talking about a brand new dog that she adopted over the weekend. This new dog’s name is Mary Jane, and man, is she adorable:

So how many dogs does Miley have now? Five. Five dogs. Is it just me, or is that a lot of dogs? I mean, I love having pets* as much as the next person, and I understand that Miley has way more than enough money to take care of all these dogs, but does she have enough time? Does she hire nannies to come help her raise the dogs? Since it only took her two weeks between adoptions this time, should we be expecting her to bring her next dog home by the end of the week? Is she going to become an animal hoarder? So many questions. So many dogs.

I’ll attach a gallery so you can get a better idea of the precious critters roaming the Cyrus home. The ugly rug that the dogs are posing on is just a bonus.

*Speaking of pets, this happened to me a couple of days ago, and I felt the need to share. I was at the mall on Sunday, killing time before my movie started, and I wandered into the Spencer’s. While I was looking at the dragon statues or whatever, this little boy, who was probably around ten, came up to me and said “can I show you something?” I said yeah, and he pulled this toy rat out from behind his back and held it up to my face. I guess he was trying to scare me, but I was like “oh, awesome, I have pet rats at home!” And he responded with “I dissect rats.” I made some “buh!” noise, because thanks, kid, and I didn’t really know where to take the conversation from there, so I sort of started walking away, but I said “oh, you dissected a rat in school?” And he said “no, I dissect rats at home. For science.” How horrifying is that? I did walk away after that, and I went on to my movie (The Raven, by the way. It was ok.), but seriously, what an odd kid**.

**In an effort not to end things on a creepy note, let me tell you that my kitten has been sleeping in my arms like a baby the whole time I was typing this story, and last night after dinner, he climbed on my lap and purred like he wanted to snuggle, but really he just wanted to lick my lips. I didn’t let him, obviously, but then he found my boyfriend’s glass of milk and he forgot all about it.

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  • Your post said she has 5 dogs, but you’ve included pictures of 6. I wonder if she actually has more? I also hope she’s got a vast yard and a dog nanny. Very sweet that she wants to care for these animals, and I love that she advocates for getting them from the pound. I think this may be my favorite thing about Ms Cyrus.

    • The dog she’s carrying in her arms in the first picture and the little puppy in the last picture are the same dog! And I know, I wouldn’t be surprised if she had more. I absolutely love how much she cares about rescuing, but I’d just be like “damn, you guys, these are too many dogs.”

    • Aren’t they?! They’re just so curious and adorable and I love rubbing their little tummies!

  • Aw Emily!! I love kitties!! I have two one is a Siamese (Samantha) and one is a Balinese (Fuzz) and I love snuggling with them too!! They are my babies!!

    • Aww, babies! I didn’t know what Balinese cats looked like right off, so I had to do a quick google, but they look so precious!

  • this is the only saving grace. i can’t stand miley cyrus, but i love that she adopts instead of buying.