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Kim Kardashian Had a “Nude” “Leak”

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Damn, now there’s no way Beyonce’s going to want to be her friend. Tell me this wasn’t staged by someone in B’s camp.

But before I even let you guys look at this photo, let me give you three reasons why it may not be her. Are you ready? It’s not a common thing that I’d defend Kim Kardashian, and it’s definitely not a regular occurrence for me to dismiss a nude photo as possibly being someone other than who it’s intended to be. Get ready—go!

1-In the photo, “Kim” is cracking an egg into a pan. RIGHT. Like this bitch’d ever actually cook for herself or, worse, someone else.
2-The tits are way too small to be Kim’s. Unless the photo was taken pre-plastic surgery*, it just can’t be.
3-The chick in the picture looks more like Kourtney than Kim. Do we maybe have a Kourtney Kardashian nude leak?
4-Where the hell was this picture taken, anyway? A 1980’s Maine summer camp? What kind of kitchen is that? Nice (busted up) cabinets.

Jump in to compare notes, and be sure to tell me why, exactly, there’s probably no way that this photo is nude Kim Kardashian. Photo is slightly NSFW, but the nips are covered up.

photo of kim kardashian nude leak pictures photos

*Guess if this is Kim, we’ve got confirmation that she’s not as curvy-natural as she’d like us to believe.

Image courtesy of MediaTakeOut courtesy of The Dirty

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