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Rosie O’Donnell Really Hurt Lindsay’s Feelings

A photo of Lindsay Lohan and Ali Lohan

Poor Lindsay. The girl is out there, doing her best, trying to make the whole movie star thing happen again, and people just love to throw them stones. And no, I can’t tell if that’s sarcasm or not either. See, Lindsay did all this to herself, and she’s still doing it to herself, but at the same time, it seems that in her warped, meth-addled brain, she’s really trying. And then someone like Rosie O’Donnell, someone that Lindsay thought was on her side, goes and talks some smack about her. That does have to sting a little, right?

For the record, here’s what Rosie had to say about Lindsay:

Rosie was on the “Today” show with Matt Lauer and Donny Deutsch … when it was announced that Lohan will play Taylor in the upcoming Lifetime movie, “Liz and Dick.”

O’Donnell instantly made her feelings known — “I feel very sorry for her … I think she needs a lot of time away … She’s had a lot of trouble doing every single movie, including SNL. She was out and not in rehearsal. I think she’s not in a place to work.”

When Deutsch suggested, “She’s our generation’s Elizabeth Taylor” … O’Donnell lost it.

“You’re out of your mind! You’re a crackhead! The last thing she did good she was sixteen.”

Rosie continued, “I don’t think she’s right for the role and I don’t think she’s capable at this point to portray that character.”

And here’s the report about Lindsay’s hurt feelings:

Lindsay Lohan is in utter shock after Rosie O’Donnell bashed her on live television yesterday — telling friends, she’s always had a great relationship with Rosie … or so she thought.

Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ, there was never any bad blood between the two actresses — in fact, Lindsay and Rosie were always on great terms … Lindsay would even say hello to Rosie whenever she saw her at various events. Rosie was always nice to her.

According to sources, Lindsay always had a special fondness for Rosie — because one of Lindsay’s first ever talk show appearances was on Rosie’s old show back in 1998 … when a 12-year-old Lindsay was promoting “The Parent Trap.”

But even though she’s surprised … Lindsay isn’t upset — because Rosie’s not the only person who doubts Lindsay’s comeback … starting with her upcoming Liz Taylor role.

As far as Lindsay’s concerned — Rosie’s just another hater she’s gotta prove wrong.

So yeah, Rosie didn’t really say anything that bad, but if they really have the kind of relationship that Lindsay thought they did, I could see where people could be upset.

But here’s the real story: you see that picture above, the one of Lindsay and Ali out shopping? I used it instead of my new favorite picture of Ol’ Flop Lip because I went shopping yesterday too, and I wanted to mention it because it made me so happy. I got some skirts and tops and all that, but I also got a bra fitting, and it was insane. Apparently the bras I’ve been wearing are a way different size than the ones I should be wearing, and apparently I can’t find the bras I should be wearing at any of the places I’ve bought bras in the past. I managed to buy a few though, but also – wait for it – I bought a coat for next winter. And listen. It’s a purple knee-length pea coat. And it has unicorns on the buttons. Unicorns. And my purple unicorn coat and titty holsters are far more important than Lindsay Lohan’s feelings*.

*Not really**.

**Well, ok, maybe.

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  • Haha, titty holsters…I still laugh at that one ok so total “man” question. Does it make a difference getting an actual bra fitting? My wife is always complaining about how bad her titty holsters are and how they don’t provide enough support and how she’d like to get a breast reduction bla bla bla. So, would getting fitted actually make a difference for her so she doesn’t have to destroy one of the few things I give God credit for…her boobs?

    • I used to work in the lingerie department at Macy’s and getting a bra fitting and finding the right bra is very important, especially for bigger busts. The right bra can make a huge difference. If you want your wife to get fitted, have her go to multiple places because I know from my own personal experience and what I’ve heard from customers that some places do not measure properly. She could even measure herself, it’s not difficult.

    • I think a bra fitting absolutely makes a difference. She could measure herself, but it’s harder: some places say you add five inches to your under bust measurement, some places say add three inches if you’re over a certain cup size, so on and so forth. I tried to do my own measurements and it was really frustrating.

      But ok, I was complaining so much about the titty holsters lately. My shoulders hurt and my back hurt, and I don’t have humongous breasts or anything, but it was definitely bothersome. I’d been wearing a 40 or a 42 C for the past couple years, but when I got measured I was a 36 DD, and I got the bras, and I can already tell such a difference. I don’t have to fiddle with the straps or the band all the time, and it feels really supportive and definitely not painful. I was never considering a reduction though, and after a certain size I don’t think there’s much to do to make it comfortable, but a proper bra fitting would probably help tons.

      If your wife would be a 36 or higher, then I would recommend Lane Bryant. They were amazingly helpful, and they had lots of cute bras up to like H cups or I cups, I believe. They also have a “buy two, get one free” sale at the moment.

      And that is my testimonial about titty holsters.

      • Ooooh, she would not like me recommending Lane Bryant. Not because of the target clientele but because of the association with a horrible incident that happened around here at Lane Bryant not too long ago. Its still fresh in the mind….but thank you for your help. Ill definitely recommend a fitting to her.

    • A breast reduction doesn’t mean she’ll have AAs! She could have DDs. Bear in mind big breasts can cause horrible back pains. She should go get a fitting first, though.

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