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Whatever Lindsay’s Doing With Her Lips is Totally Working

[Image removed by request] Especially if she’s going for the caught-a-fish-with-an-infected-lip thing. Definitely.

This is what Lindsay looked like this past Saturday as she ran errands out in LA.

photo of lindsay lohan lips pictures photos
And here’s another shot, taken over the weekend, that confirms she’s really trying to lose that Liz Taylor gig. And judging by these photos, it looks like her career really is officially over, even though Glee‘s Chris Colfer says otherwise. Remember how Lindsay filmed an episode of Glee in a guest star role? It’s airing next month, and Colfer says that it’s going to be “damn funny”:

“I can’t say much, but Lindsay is judging the Nationals show choir competition, which is damn funny.”

If by “damn funny,” he means “pathetic, contrived, and chock-full of self-deprecating ‘humor’ that’s about as old as the hair on her busted weave,” then yes, Lindsay’s appearance will be damn funny. You know what’s also funny when it comes to Lindsay Lohan (oh my God so much)? That Michael Lohan is sticking up for Lindsay over that whole bar-brawl thing she got into last week. The course of events, courtesy of Michael Lohan, father of the year, himself:

“There were some people dancing around her and people trying to get to her and I was keeping them away. I heard commotion behind me. And the girl said something and Lindsay cursed and the other girl threw a drink at her and that was it. I grabbed Lindsay, I held the other girl back and told security to get her out right away… (The girl said) ‘What are you doing here with your father?’ [But] there was no contact whatsoever. … I’m not out here often, so I don’t get a chance to see her and it’s horrible that I had to be brought into this situation like this.”

First of all, I didn’t even realize that these two were officially on speaking terms again. Are they? Or is it maybe more that Lindsay has absolutely no one left these days, and her father, though unstable and violent and maybe even more of a famewhore than his daughter is, is still a companion that girlfriend knows can be counted on through thick and thin? (Probably ‘thin’ moreso than ‘thick’, since Michael Lohan loves nothing more than stirring shit up.)

The whole thing is sad, but the saddest thing of all is probably the state of Lindsay’s lips. Honestly, how does something ever really recover from looking like that?

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  • One day, she’s going to over shoot her collagen injection threshold and those lips are going to fall off her face.

  • It isn’t that the lips look big, it is the fact that they look DISTORTED. The upper lip should NOT be jutting outward beyond the lower lip, they are anatomically disproportionate. Whoever her injector is, they are doing a HORRIBLE job. And they are so unnatural that Lindsay cannot keep a normal expression on her face, her mouth always looks like she is either attempting to over-pout or duck out.

  • I have freckles and red hair. I’m not as pretty as LL used to be. the whole lip thing is freaking me out. I have small lips and I’m thinking of getting fillers. NOT like that!!! just enough for me to notice. not everyone else. I don’t understand why women think the duck lip look is awesome?!! worse trend ever.