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Michelle Duggar Says Overpopulation Isn’t A Problem Because …

A photo of Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar

Oh, this should be fun! In so many stories about the Duggars, here and elsewhere, a big theme I see is overpopulation. People are always talking about how with nineteen kids and counting, this family isn’t really helping that problem at all. Some people say that humans nowadays should stop procreating altogether because overpopulation is such a huge issue, and others say that even though it’s kind of scary, the government should be able to limit the amount of children people have to help get the problem under control. I don’t know about all that, but I do know that obviously the Duggars aren’t super concerned about this topic. But why?

Let’s guess for a minute, shall we? Let’s see … the Duggars say that overpopulation isn’t a problem because their measly nineteen kids don’t really affect the world population as a whole? The Duggars say that overpopulation isn’t a problem because “like, whatever”? The Duggars say that overpopulation isn’t a problem because the world actually doesn’t have all that many people in it?

Yeah, it’s that last one. Here’s a handy video where Michelle Duggar explains it all!

“The idea of overpopulation is not accurate because, really, the entire population of the world, if they were stood shoulder to shoulder, could fit in the city limits of Jacksonville.” That is a thing that she actually said. She just said that the entire population of the world could fit inside one city in Florida.

My brain is having some trouble really comprehending this, so I’m going to go ahead and hand it over to you guys, all right? Maybe you can make some sense of this, because I just … Florida, honestly.

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  • Holy banana’s! She’s so nutty, like billions of ppl would fit in Jacksonville, FL? Or is she saying that there aren’t billions of ppl on this planet…? hmm.

  • what world is she living in where everyone can fit into Jacksonville? she should maybe pause the baby makin’ time to read a damn book/educate herself

  • It’s true, you could Tetris the world population into a city, but it’s no way to live. The world doesn’t have the *resources* for all of us.

  • This is just some ridiculous ‘talking point’ that they have come up with to put out there for their fans and the like-minded. I suppose you could stack people like cords of wood to ‘fit’ into any old place or city limits you want, but it doesn’t mean that there are enough resources in any one place to sustain our world’s population. Justify, justify, justify is all I ever here from either Jim Bob or Michelle Duggar! It’s the oldest trick in the book for speaking to people or on-camera interviews/catchy talking points that justify WHATEVER the speaker wants. I wonder what would happen to those kids if something tragic were to happen to their parents. We have no guarantee of time here on earth, so what is their back-up plan save a TLC reality show paying their way?!?

  • Why would Michelle Duggar think we would believe anything she says when it pertains to overpopulation when her “special skill” is getting pregnant non-stop.

    • Oh yes…and then there is their theory that the world is not so very old and man lived with dinosaurs and they don’t believe in archaeological findings and carbon dating. Guess that’s what makes the world keep spinning, we are “allowed” to think and believe whatever we want, no matter how ridiculous.

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