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Michelle Duggar is Worried About the Fate of the Kids She’s Already Got, But She’s Considering Having More

michelle and jim bob duggar with their nineteen children

… And isn’t even sure at this moment in time whether or not she’s pregnant.

Michelle Duggar sat down with People magazine for their upcoming May 31st issue to discuss sex, birth control, children, parenting, her latest child, Josie, and all of the child’s health problems (she was born last September, but has been in and out of the hospital since then). She also discussed the almost non-option of what could have been a lifesaving MRI for her ill child:

” … The couple find themselves struggling over how to make the right decision for their baby’s well being – and they don’t always see eye to eye. When Josie was scheduled to have an MRI as part of an optional study, Michelle worried the loudness of the machines would cause her baby further stress. Jim Bob thought the test was a good idea in order to see how Josie’s brain was developing – until Michelle woke up in the middle of the night, panicked and convinced the test should not proceed. “Jim Bob and I talked about it,” Michelle says. “He said we should pray about it, and then it would be up to me.” In the end, Michelle allowed the test – but it was halted when Josie became too upset by the entire process – much as Michelle had feared …

And on having more children, and the possibility of being pregnant even now:

As for whether Jim Bob and Michelle will continue to procreate… the couple say they are ready and willing to have more kids – perhaps sooner rather than later. “I don’t know… it’s possible,” Michelle says simply, when asked if she might already be pregnant. As Jim Bob explains, he and Michelle remain ready to face any challenge – including the public criticism that could accompany yet another pregnancy: “We trust God with our lives, our children, our future. Let’s pass this test. Let’s have the right response.”

It’s really disconcerting to hear stories like this and know that the children, as they all pop on out every nine months like clockwork, as well as the mother, are undergoing undue stress because of the constant pregnancies. This family has what, a forty kids or something? Michelle Duggar is a grandmother at the age of forty-three and her children range from almost-newborn to twenty-two years old.

I mean, damn. I’m sure this family is super close-knit and happy, but this isn’t 1842, and for good reason! There are children suffering worldwide that are literally dying to be adopted, but then there are people like this that insist on risking the lives of their unborn children to give birth to nineteen children. It’s excessive. I’m not bashing them for their decisions, but I think they’re a bit naive about what’s really going on in the world. You don’t want a hundred-forty kids and you think God is going to smite you for using birth control? Here’s a suggestion: stop having sex.

This is what you get when you marry someone named “Jim Bob.” Don’t play like you didn’t know what you were getting yourself into, girl.

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  • “I’m not bashing them for their decisions.” Yes, you are. It’s okay, you can admit it. I feel the same way about them. Also, I loved the part where you said “Stop having sex.” I have a brother-in-law whose wife keeps getting pregnant. They can’t afford the kids (they’re on food stamps) and neither of them is particularly happy with taking care of them. They’re Catholic, so they refuse to use birth control, but if he’s complaining about a new pregnancy and you tell him “Stop having sex,” he just kind of grumbles. It’s really not that hard, people (or maybe it is and that’s the problem lol). Oh, and did I mention that they got pregnant with their first child before they got married? So they were willing to break the rules and have premarital sex, but they’re not willing to break the rules and use birth control. Fantastic.

    • “It’s not really that hard, people (or maybe it is and tha’s the problem lol).” Haha! Zing!

      Yeah, I hate it when holier than thou religious hypocrites start improvising too.

      • Fuck you bitch. The only reason you’re not wearing a burkha and being forced to suck a sweaty uncut dick 50 times a day is cause of “religious hypocrites.” Think about it you useless cunt.

  • I just couldn’t have that many kiddos.
    I’d lose one. Or three… probably on a daily basis.
    They must have a kick ass tracking system…

  • Have you noticed none of the older kids have aspirations for college? The older girls are basically raising the younger ones.
    I totally stalked the Duggars. I drove by their house a few months ago. They live across the road from a very large dump/refuge.

    • That’s what floors me too! But it makes perfect sense. If they get out in the “real world” and go to college their heads will be filled with God knows what. You know common sense stuff like you don’t have 25 million frickin’ kids! I can’t imagine limiting my kids potential in the name of religious beliefs.

      And here’s an idea Duggar mom and dad-let’s get your fragile preemie stable and home before you start spitting out more!

      • You have to wonder though…the odds are in favor that at least ONE of them will go away to school and/or rebel. Maybe it’ll happen later in life (the rebelling part) but there’s no way that many gets are going to live a “perfect”, christian, and sheltered life forever.

      • Jinger’s a cutie. But it’s not gonna happen because that’s all they know. They are completely isolated in every aspect of their lives.

    • There was an article this week that Jill is thinking of nursing school or furthering her music education in harp.

      Despite my best efforts my oldest kid wasn’t interested in college either. He took a hospital training course and is now working as an EMT, hoping to get some more training as a paramedic. My husband went trade/tech and has owned his own business for almost 15 years.

      Not everyone is cut out for college.

  • Blah, blah, blah. People put this woman on a fucking pedestal. Michelle may give birth to all these babies, but she is by no means their real mom. Those older girls are those kids mothers. It does not matter anyway. Michelle will pawn off her sick preemie to her older daughters and have another one in about 7 months. If this woman truly cared about her sick baby then she would focus 100% of her attention on caring for her preemie and not doing the nasty with Jim Bob trying to get herself pregnant again. This couple has gone too far this time.

  • They’re not breeding because they can’t use birth control, they’re breeding because they’re part of the Quiverfull movement, ie. building “God’s Army” in order to outnumber the “heathens”. Look it up, folks, it’s even more scary and batshit insane than it looks.

  • Ugh! I wonder if these people are practicing the “Quiver Full” flavor of Christianity…Either way…Uh, Mrs. Duggar? I have two words for you: Andrea Yates.

  • you know i always said i would adopt a kid but everyone i’ve met (a handful of people) who’s adopted has serious issues about being adopted, and half of them are totally batshit… i’ll just pop one out myself, thanks.

    • my brother is adopted and he’s fine with it. i have about ten friends who were adopted, and only one of them has an issue with their situation.

      • Your brother is a closet case, sister…He looks at gay black porn as soon as you leave.. (oh, and he jerks off in your toothbrush)

  • I’m so fucking sick of people bashing this family. You know what? They’re not hurting anyone. They’re not on welfare, or food stamps. They are self-sustaining, and who are you to say that their belief in procreation is worse than yours?
    I might not agree with how they raise the kids (the whole buddy system), but I don’t sneer with disgust when I hear about them having a kid. They had ONE kid out of 19 with health problems. To say it’s simply because of her age (which no doubt contributed) is ridiculous. Would you say the same to a woman who had 3 kids, and the last one was a preemie?
    Also, I’m sick of people saying its’ “not natural” to have that many kids. It is natural, far more natural than birth control. Humans are animals, who will procreate if nothing is stopping them.
    Rant over.

    • It’s retarded that they’re famous for having a huge litter. Sure, it’s great that they don’t survive off food stamps or other aid (which I don’t fully believe; I’m sure they get a ton of free shit like the gross Gosselins did back when they were a “happy” family), but that doesn’t mean we should be subjected to seeing their faces on TV and on the internets. But I guess that’s just a reflection of the stupidity of the average American…and i guess kudos to the Duggars for taking advantage of that stupidity.

      Also, I wonder if her husband even enjoys sex now. Her vag must be stretched out to hell…

      • no one is subjected to watching them on tv.
        I’ve never seen a full episode.
        exercise your free will legalease.

      • I said seeing, not watching; I wouldn’t watch this shit through a ten foot clown tube. It’s sad/sick that they get famous for this shit…get the point yet?

      • i was only responding to your words:

        “but that doesn’t mean we should be subjected to seeing their faces on TV and on the internets.”

        no one subjects us to any of this, we choose to frequent sites and channels that feature people like this.

      • Logic fail…you go to a celebrity gossip site to read about celebrity gossip and not about a massive litter that just keeps on growing

      • i think have a reality show qualifies them for a gossip site, there would be a whole lot less content on here if it was otherwise.

      • Ok, let’s take this slowly.

        They get a reality show because they have a huge family, not for being celebrities or having some special talents or whatever. Because of said tv show, they happen to end up on this site, which used to have a moratorium on posting news on Speidi (what the fuck happened to that, BY THE WAY, SASHA.) Therefore, us readers seeking gossip news get an eyeful of Duggar bullshit because they got a tv show for no damn good reason. They’re not celebrities, they’re not really interesting, they don’t really belong on this site or on tv.

      • They may not get hand outs but Im sure that they get loads of money back when they do their income taxes! So if you are a tax payer you are helping support their family.

      • They don’t pay any taxes, they established themselves as a ‘church’, so everyone is supporting them as they rip off the regular tax paying public.

      • Nope..vaginas bounce back… And it is Natural to FUCK, BREED, GIVE birth, Praise an unseen God, and get a little strange in vegas on the side…and one of the girls; hey…if there’s grass on the field, PLAY BALL!

    • Well said! They are all really great kids. Sure they seem odd, but what is what with that! They aren’t doing drugs, shooting people other students in their schools, they are respectful and loving to one another. Maybe they are on to something and the rest of the world is screwed up!

      • I had OVER 19 BUTT babies after doing only a year in Prison…Do I get a show?…Ooops, there goes another one. SPLAT!

    • After having the preemie they won’t be self-sustaining. $5000/day for a stay in Neonatal ICU… just saying.

  • She takes care of her kids and they are well mannered and very much loved.. Why do you diss on her right to have good citizens of the future is beyond me? Why the hell don’t you adopt all those orphans huh, then there would be no problems right?

  • at least the procreating they are doing is producing future contributors of society….who is going to take care (ie pay the taxes) of all the other breeders that are uneducated, on welfare and filling the local prisons.

  • Sure, it’s great that they don’t survive off food stamps or other aid (which I don’t fully believe; I’m sure they get a ton of free shit like the gross Gosselins did back when they were a “happy” family)

    Ahem… They actually are self sustaining. The Duggars are pretty successful real estate investors and own a car dealership (I think). They also live on royalties from their book and their TV show. They also happen to be less wasteful than you would think. They are exceptionally frugal.

    Now, their religious views are bat shit insane and I seriously worry about their childrens mental health but that should go without saying.

    I also cant WAIT until one of the kids turns out to be gay. Statistically speaking, it’s bound to happen.

    • u know about all their finances and shit and supposedley know that they dont’ get free stuff but u also claim according to statistics one of the kids will be gay. cool, what statistics? hw do you know they don’t get stuff for free

      • About five percent of the population, or 1 in 20 people is gay. They are up to child 19. Not that you can take a group of any twenty people and find a gay person, but it wouldn’t be surprising if one of them was gay. However, I would think growing up in a family like that it would be difficult to admit to yourself you were gay, much less anyone else. So we wouldn’t necessarily ever hear about it.

      • Also, it has been shown that the more sons a woman has, the more likely it is for the younger ones to be gay. So… here’s looking at the two youngest sons, basically.

    • they definitely get free stuff. They were on “Say Yes to the Dress”. The dresses at Klienfelds cost $1100 minimum. Michelle got her dress altered to make it more modest which cost even more money. Im sure they would have never spent that much money, so they definitely got it for free.

  • The OB/GYN should have “accidentally” snipped her tubes while he was in there. She would have never known, she probably would have thought her uterus had finally turned inside out and shriveled up.

  • I cannot really follow your argument. Stop procreating and adopt instead? Where’s the sense in that? How about helping those people who gave their children out for adoption, wouldn’t that make much more sense?

    • …no? Most adoptions are placed by people who “can’t cope” with raising a kid, but also can’t seem to be responsible when having sex. There aren’t nearly as many self-sacrificing parents as you seem to think.

  • Hating on these people is unfounded. All the kids are healthy, save one, and she’ll be fine, and well educated in the sense that they are literate and mathematically. They are completely financially independent, as a result of the show or not is irrelevant, and are not pushing their beliefs on anyone. it seems that both the men and women of the family have access to power and responsibility, as well as follow the requirements of modesty that that the religion asks of them. They are not hurting anyone and are completely pleasant. In fact, they do huge amounts of community service. Who cares if they don’t go to college? there are plenty of people who don’t and are wildly more productive in society than those with a college degree.

    It’s fascinating to me the obsession many people have with being their own person and following their own desires, yet when they are actually confronted with a group outside the “norm”, like the Duggars, the immediate reaction is one of revulsion and antagonism.

    So yeah. live and let live.

  • They’ll keep popping out babies b/c their religion pretty much dictates it. How else do you keep religion alive.

  • Josie wasn’t born in September, she was born in December… her and Jordyn-Grace will be the same age for 8 days out of the year. Also, everyone says that Michelle isn’t a good mom because the older ones raise the younger ones, but there is no proof to that statement. You see part of their lives on TV and you see the older kids helping out, just like they would in a family of 2 or 3 where the older ones are old enough to be trusted with younger kids. They are learning to be good parents themselves, whether they decide have 1 or 19 kids of their own. No one can claim that these kids wont know how to change a diaper or cook for their families. That more than I can say for most families nowadays.

  • Why are people attacking a family that, obviously, can take care of all the children they and any they might have? What about all the families that keep popping out babies left and right but have to live off of government assistance, which we all are paying for? What does it matter if they’re having kids because of their religion? They seem more then happy to have all of those kids. Just because most of you can’t handle having 2 or 3 kids, doesn’t mean it’s that way for everyone. Those children are learning such valuable lessons by taking care of one another. They learn what responsibility is by the age of 5, when most of your children still don’t even know it and they may even be moved out of your house!

    Stop worrying about their lives, and what they do with it! Why is it so horrible for a family to have so many children now? Why was it okay decades ago, but not now? Shouldn’t we want people to procreate more now with the projection of there being no more Social Security in the near future? All these families are helping to secure an American work force that will help our economy and the lives of people they don’t even know.

    Doesn’t everyone look for a way to help a cause bigger then they are at some point in their life? That is what this family is doing, and who are you to criticize them for doing so. These children are all happy and healthy, why question their mental health? Just because almost every family now is dysfunctional, doesn’t mean that this one happy family must be f*cked up in the head to be that happy. It’s a GOOD thing to have a close family! No matter what they do in life they will always have the support of all those individuals that love them unconditionally. It’s a shame that America puts this family down because the “normal” family now is irresponsible parents and misbehaving children, and the Dugger’s have it good with 19 children and most of you can’t deal with the few you have. I guess you could say it’s making all of the modern mothers look bad.

    • Its a shame that such ppl – like the Duggars – exist. This is the real shame. Its a shame that ppl consider such things to be normal. Welcome to the 21st century. To the US of A of the 21st century.

    • Actually, if more people had families this buttfucking huge, they wouldn’t be helping America’s economy, they would be raping it and unemployment rates would become even more ginormous than they are now.

      America puts this family down not because we’re so jealous of their responsibility and behaviour, but because that woman has a vagina, not a clown car.

  • Again the kinda news that dont match this site and again the asskissers of a bunch of religiously brainwashed weirdo. Can u stick to the celebrity gossip only pls?

  • Thank goodness we live in America where people are free to practice their religion….if we want to start throwing stones why does not anyone talk about the Muslim families that have very large families and practice arranged marriage?

    For all of you commenter’s saying horrid things like Tyyg, channel your hatred towards something more worthy.
    These people are not hurting anyone and seem pretty happy.

  • I’ve watched nearly every episode of this show, and some more than once, and have difficulty believing that every one of their kids is 100% behind Mom and Dad Duggar’s decisions. They may look like crew-cut-and-polo-shirt clones, or nearly identical wavy-haired homeschooler-mommies in the making, but one or more of them will rebel. Not Jill- she seems blissfully brainwashed- but maybe Jessa or Jinger or Josiah. I’m not necessarily knocking the parents’ decision to leave procreation up to God; I just don’t think all the kids will want the same lifestyle when they’re old enough to choose. I don’t buy those simultaneous smiles and nods for a minute. In reality, children have more differences- and not just when it comes to their favorite thing for dinner!

  • I think this is crazy how can you possible give enough attention to each child. She has a class room full of kids he body is most likely shot and if she has 1 more she can die then what?! You most definately know they are not paying for all this alone!

  • This bitch needs to stop. If i were the doctor that delivered her last minion i would sew her shut FOR GOOD. Seriously the world is already overpopulated, there are plenty of countries suffering from poverty and famine. The US is one of the most overpopulated countries. It doesn’t matter what religion you are, or that you can financially support a large family. Its irresponsible. I don’t think they are normal ONE BIT. and they continue to pass on their brainwashing to their naive kids. Ugh they need to be stopped.

    • They dont seem to care that the world is already overpopulated. People like this that have small calipers for brains. They think Jesus is coming soon so they dont have to worry about having too many babies.

  • Y’all need to get a life and judge yourselves. if not for Cable TV and the Internet you would not have known they even existed, and there for would not care anyway, use your time wisely worrying about your own family.

    The Duggars are a family sharing a lost example of a fully faithful family. I enjoy the sharing of their family with an audience they dont even know personally. HOW GENEROUS IS THAT? and all under the stress of the journey they are having to walk right now!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU DUGGARS. I am praying for you all.

  • I cannot believe how mean and nasty people can be to someone they dont even know… oh and is there really a need for the vulgarities?

  • personally i think the whole thing is sick and gotten out of hand. she is too old to keep having kids and everytime she billybob and god decide to go at it again it is a bigger and bigger risk, those poor babies, they are so lucky none of the others have medical issues, i have a feeling this isn’t going to stop until something bad happens. is he a sex addict or something? does she enjoy sex after giving birth? doubt it. she is so fake happy it is scary. can’t be real. I can’t watch and i’d hope more people don’t so we can put an end to the attention which is obviously driving them.

  • I am simply stunned at the comments. Just as an fyi there are lots and lots of American families with more than 2 or 3 kids. More than 5 or 6 even. And umm the mother is only 43. It is far riskier for the VERY MANY first time moms to have a baby at this age. And yes this is a new norm.. career first in this country.

    This family was totally self sustaining prior to this show. If you knew anything you would know this show only came about after one of the oldest sons did a video documentary of them building their home. Which they own free and clear (never had a mortgage). Certainly the advantages from the show must be nice now, but they didn’t need it.

    And if you knew anything about how the taxes work, a whole lot of large families don’t even actually get to claim all their children anyhow technically since the child tax credits all max out fast. Ask a tax attorney.

    And why the worry about college.. the parents didn’t attend so it might not be a priority for them. Obviously they are doing far better than most college grads financially anyhow (even pre show).

    Oh, and another fyi, if a woman is healthy, has normal deliveries, and all, there is no reason for anything to be ‘all stretched out.’ Muscles can be exercised… ask your OB/GYN. Oh, and Michelle’s OB is a WOMAN.

  • I had my sixth baby at age 46 without any problems. So age isn’t necessarily a hindrance to pregnancy and childbirth.

    Also several of the older kids and Dad have gone on missionary trips to South America to help with building and infrastructure – I don’t think they’re as “naive” about the rest of the world as you think they are.

  • Sure the Duggar’s s seem like okay people, i mean they can feed their kids and cloth them, and all together they seem well mannered. However being on screen can make kids want to be well mannered and any miss behaving can be cut out before the show airs. Many families like having a big family and want their kids to have friends, but they don’t need their sibling to be their best friends. They need people to intereact with besides their family. The Parents need to think of the kids, are they going to be fit enough to go play ball with their kid and play outside, be able to help their kids and make them fell included on their lives. Sure they like their siblings but they want to be with their parents. I remember that I don’t remeber much till I started walking and by then the baby will pass into the buddy system. The child will not remember spending time with their kids. Think of your kids Parents, can you provide a good life for them and one that they can feel included. Think about adopting, I’m adopted and I love it. Or fostering kids!

  • i don’t think it any bodies bussiness. there good people i think yall should leave them alone because it says in the bible that we will be persecuted and that is what the dugger family is dealing with as well as all of the other true christians. get right with god people. and talk about yall self.

  • It’s good these Christian children will make a difference in our secular world. For all their work and dedication we honor them. IN our country where we are loosing our religious freedoms I hope the duggers won’t help to lead us to bondage of to sterolise the wombs of the undesirable such as the mentally ill, the Christians in our society that is becoming more evil. Having babies past the age of 40 is risky when the eggs are old. I am still proud that the duggers do show the world how in spite of their size they enjoy their children and are dedicated to raise them well. Their matchmakers will delight in matching these excellent children.

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