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Rumer Willis is Losing A Lot of Weight Now, Too

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Should we start worrying yet? I don’t know. Rumer‘s kind of been on the slinky side for quite some time now, but as of late, she looks like she’s lost more than just a few pounds here and there. Could it be the stress of her mother’s situation trickling down? Could be. Could it be a sickness that was sort of ingrained as she grew, considering who she was raised by? Could also be. But she’s definitely looking significantly different, and I’m not quite sure it’s just the whole ‘growing up’ and ‘losing baby fat’ thing.

Interestingly enough, though, Rumer was photographed hanging out with Ashton Kutcher last night at a club in LA, where she sang for the crowd. Ashton was said to be in the audience, cheering her on, and what do we make of that, folks? From People:

The starlet had the support of her mom’s ex husband during her four-song performance Tuesday at Hollywood’s Sayers Club Sessions Presented by Jason Scoppa. (Moore, who recently returned to Los Angeles after treatment did not attend – nor did dad Bruce Willis.)

Rumer, who recently showed off her vocal prowess at the club, didn’t seem nervous at all before her performance, according to an onlooker, and she greeted Kutcher as he arrived with a friend after midnight.

According to the onlooker, the Two and a Half Men star attempted to keep a low profile, letting Willis, who recently premiered The Diary of Preston Plummer in Miami, bask in the spotlight instead.

And as soon as Rumer, 23, took the stage, Ashton looked on proudly and snapped some photos on his phone.

As for her set, Willis tackled Ann Peebles’s soul staple “I Can’t Stand the Rain;””High Low Middle” by indie chamber pop outfit My Brightest Diamond; Otis Redding’s “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay”; and British soul singer Lianne La Havas’s “Age.”

As her performance continued, the crowd got more into it, clapping along and encouraging her. Kutcher whistled at one point and even sang along to some of the lyrics.

After the show, Willis talked to a few people before sharing a long, emotional embrace with Kutcher.

Says the onlooker: “It seemed really happy and loving – and like the two would be friendly … no matter what.”

I think the only thing we should maybe concern ourselves with is the fact that girlfriend her is still (closely) palling around with Ashton Kutcher. You know, her mother’s soon-to-be ex-husband that cheated on her? I know that Ashton was like a father figure or whatever for a long period of time, and they probably have a closer relationship than we all might think, but man. Talk about a weird dynamic right there. How is Demi OK with her daughter still being friends with Ashton, and how is Rumer OK with maybe slighting her mom by keeping ties open with the dude that helped send her off the edge?

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  • i actually think she’s beautiful and unique looking. She has a cool edgy look. I hope she doesn’t ever try to whittle down her face to cookie-cutter normalcy.

  • her wonderful mommy gave her the drugs to lose weight, now they can be twins! she can also hook up with her step dad! one big dysfunctional trash can.


  • I’d say they’re sleeping together, but, you know, that kind of stuff never happens in Hollywood.

  • I used to think she was just unfortunate-looking, but this is just gross. Nose way too small … probably more than one surgery. All three of the kids are unfortunate-looking, really.

    • And may I add that term can also be applied to Billy Joel’s daughter as well. Talk about sh***Y luck when you’re mom is Christie Brinkley and dear ol’ dad’s gene pool took the upper hand.

  • Some of you are absolutely pathetic for discussing people in such a distasteful manner. Why don’t you allow a crowd of shumks to judge your every nook and cranny? keep eating those doritos – that will surely ward off all of your insecurities.

  • Who cares if she gains and loses weight, look at her face! She is ugly, one of the weirdest looking people ive ever seen. Im guessing botched rhinoplasty. Dont think ive ever seen a nose job that looked good. Nice ass though…

  • where did it come from?! how can it be stopped?! seriously though… that is one ugly thing. when i first saw it i reacted like jim carrey does in liar liar when he runs into the chick he banged early in the movie.

    ‘hi fletcher’
    ‘HOLY HELL!!!!!’