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Love It or Leave It: Did You Know That Rumer Willis Is A Streetwalker?

A photo of Rumer Willis

I used the word “streetwalker” in the title, because can you imagine if I’d just called Rumer Willis a hooker right there in the headline?! So catty!

But for real, this is what Rumer wore to go shopping in, and it’s ridiculous. I mean, I’m sure it’s sweltering in California right now, but this isn’t “I’m not wearing a lot because it’s 100 degrees outside,” this is “I’m not wearing a lot because I want to get laid. By a stranger. Who will pay a fee.” And that’s a little different.

Then again, maybe this silly outfit is perfectly acceptable. Maybe those awful shoes are all the rage, and maybe it’s totally cool to wear shorts that, at certain angles, have just got to showcase your vagina. I don’t know, I don’t get out much.

So what will it be, friends? Are we loving or leaving Rumer today?

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  • Well, if she’s hookin, she’s just givin hummers. Those shorts look like a bitch to get off…

  • Poor thing. And Demi is a close second she is looking vapid! She is so desperate to look young for Ashton and it shows she is trying too hard! How sad. Demi and her kids have serious issues! Demi was soooo controlling when those kids were growing up. If I was this kids parent I would let her know how vicious the Biz is and she wont make out there…she is odd looking to say the least. And is also trying to hard! Yet she seems entitled. Go figure. Go to school young lady and earn a good degree and save yourself from the agony of defeat!

  • She looks fab, however she’d look a classier if she buttoned up the shirt one up and wore different shoes. The shoes are not nice.

  • Dislike the shoes, love the rest. Not bothered about the shirt as you can see she’s wearing something else under!

  • Just wish we could stop perpetuating this negative stereotype of our own gender as being catty and jealous and bitchy. who cares what she wears, even more what if she does want to get laid!? doesn’t everyone?!

  • I’d bet good money that Demi helped her pick the outfit and shoes, made some calls to the paparazzi and gave Rumer some tips on making sure her hips sway back and forth while she walks and to damn well unbutton the shirt.

  • Just want to know, how does one sit down properly in those shorts? They look a tad painful as it is, I can only imagine bending over or trying to sit. I will say though, besides the paleness of her skin, girlfriend has a banging body.

  • You know what, she looks gorgeous. Everything looks great. I live in Australia and there are heaps of girls who dress like this on a daily basis and with even less clothes (and not because of the heat). Shorts this short have become the norm, but are being teamed with middriff baring tops. And i guarantee people don’t stop them on the street and ask for sex.

  • did you take no notice at all of the recent protests women have been making to protect their right to wear what they like without ppl thinking they are being slutty or inviting rapists?? you are taking the argument back 20 years and sound like the guys that say ‘ she was asking for it’!!

  • Loooove her outfit, not the shoes. She just needs a different face and a really good tan.