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Quotables: Vanessa Paradis Dismisses Johnny Depp Split Rumor

photo of johnny depp and vanessa paradis in happier days pics
“It depends which rumor [you’re talking about] … Here, this is one which could hurt my family. After that … they say that we have 52 houses in France, we separate in winter, we get married every summer. Me, I’m in my 12th pregnancy. All this is, I don’t know, because the Queen of England didn’t lose her teeth this week and there’s nothing happening. Yes, they are false.”

This would be Vanessa Paradis trying to dispel those pesky break-up rumors that even People picked up on. Guess we know who’s initiating this split, huh? No, but in all seriousness, how could People have gotten this wrong? And if they didn’t (which I’m assuming is the likelier situation here), is Vanessa *seriously* trying to cover this up? Does she not realize that it’s going to become public knowledge if and when it does happen? Come on. These two have been together for exactly half of my life. That’s a long, long time, and to think that you’re going to get away from persistent rumors by waving your delicate little French hand is preposterous. For real, Vanessa. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

I personally hope that the whole thing is a hoax, and I hope that, if it wasn’t, or isn’t, that you two can maybe reconsider, but until you find out what’s what, you might just want to keep your comments to yourself. I’d hate to see you disappointed in the end, girl. You seem really kind of sweet.

What do you guys think – are Vanessa and Johnny really on the outs, and the majority of credible media outlets have it right, or is it some crazy rumor from left field that got completely out of hand? And if they are in talks to split, do you think any amount of informal public statements about how they’re not splitting is going to deter the public from really finding out the truth? Somehow, on that last one, I don’t think so.

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  • The publicists have been as silent as a grave, what does that tell you? If I were her I would have given the same convoluted, wacky, upside-down answer because of my children. I would do and say ANYTHING to protect their feelings. I also think that they want to wait until the media scrutiny is off of them to do anything. I firmly believe they have broken up, but they want to go easy and slow and under the radar (as much as that’s possible) for the sake of the kids…and that’s the right way to do it.