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People Reports That Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis Really Are Over

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From People magazine:

Once upon a time, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis lived a quiet family life far from the spotlight in the sleepy French hamlet of Plan-de-la-Tour.

But that time is no more, and now the couple largely reside in L.A. – when they are in the same city at all. … Multiple sources tell PEOPLE in this week’s cover story that the relationship is all but officially finished. In fact, some in their circle say the couple of nearly 14 years have already split. Says one insider: “It’s so sad.”

And Hollywood Life expands on the story, noting the gradual breakdown of Johnny and Vanessa’s relationship over the last months:

-In November, Johnny and Vanessa were both in Paris, but stayed in separate hotels. Johnny attended the premiere of The Rum Diary while “she went instead to a concert that night,” a source reveals. “It was weird and pretty clear: You’re in town and don’t go to the premiere of [Johnny’s] film? One which he starred in, produced?” During that trip, Vanessa also went to a Karl Lagerfeld event without Johnny.

-Vanesssa didn’t go with Johny to the Cannes Film Festival in May to promote Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. “We couldn’t believe they wouldn’t come together,” a source notes.

-While home in LA, Johnny and Vanessa reportedly live in different houses.

-Last summer, they went cruising on their yacht “Vajoliroja,” but it was an awkward trip. They “didn’t arrive to pick up the boat together,” says a witness. “When it was over, they were off in separate directions.”

-While filming in Hawaii for On Stranger Tides in 2010, Johnny would go out drinking at local bards and “chat with girls and was very friendly and flirty,” shares a source.

-Johnny also spent a lot of nights out partying in Puerto Rico while filming The Rum Diary in 2009.

-When the couple’s relationship began, they lives quietly in a French village called Plan-de-la-Tour. But when they moved to Hollywood, Johnny’s growing career started to destroy their relationship.

Of course, this is all hearsay from “inside sources” and “friends in the same circle,” but the fact that it’s on the f-cking cover of People magazine? Shit’s got to be real, here, friends, and I doubt there’s going to be much to do when it comes to really breaking the back of Johnny and Vanessa’s relationship, if, indeed, it isn’t over already like some of their “friends” say.

I, personally, don’t think it comes across right now as much of a surprise, as Johnny’s public behavior has been kind of erratic over the past few months, what with his drunken stumbles and confusing interviews that never used to happen because Johnny prided himself on being secure and private, revealing absolutely none of the details of his personal life, good or bad. I think it’s pretty obvious that there’ve been cracks forming in the couple’s relationship, and this, probably, is the beginning of the end, if it’s not already the middle of the end.

Poor guys.

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  • i’m going through the same thing. i hope they can work it out. when you’re family, you should be able to make amends and move forward as a family.

  • I am very sad about this break up. L.A. screws up too many famous, loving couples. They should have stayed in France…
    It has to be difficult on this kids as well… I also hope things will go in the right loving direction they were on…..
    I feel for both of them. it is hard times right now for the whole family. I hope they work out their difficulties…

    I Love you ALL
    SAD!!!! SAD!!!

  • I lived in L.A. for a long time and I am sick to death of people blaming their personal failures on this great town and its “evil” influences. Can’t we just say,”Hey, they had a good thing for a long time, 2 great kids, but people changed and he/she changed and needed something(one) different and they broke up.” It would have happened no matter where they were: the heavenly, perfectly beyond reproach FRANCE or the nasty, stinky old Los Angeles. Grow up.

  • BUT… did all the trouble start when Johnny filmed The Tourist with Angelina Jolie? That is the question.

  • Screw you Blasted1… That is your problem your too blasted on too much weed. That is how how come you have never found love or never will. You GROW the fuck up!!!!! Your not famous and you don’t have to worry about some one stealing your love one…… cause no one loves you!!!!!