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Johnny Depp Was Staggering Around in Public Again

photo of johnny depp drunk at the rum diary premiere pictures photos
This seems to be a common theme lately – Johnny Depp says dumb shit, gets drunk, goes out in public, and needs the support of his handlers (literally) to help him from phase one of the evening to phase two.

I suppose it could, however, be a gimmick to promote his new film (as these are photos from the premiere) of The Rum Diary, but Johnny Depp never really struck me as a gimmicky kind of guy. He always sort of relied on his own personal je ne sais quoi to attract attention and admiration. Either way, kind of interesting, huh? Seeing good old Johnny propped up like he’s a dummy with a ventriloquist’s hand stuck up his ass?

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  • he wasn’t drunk!!…his bodyguard always moves him from place to place in situations like that…
    I wonder if whoever wrote this article saw any of the videotaped interviews on the red carpet where Johnny looked perfectly sober and spoke clearly and intelligently??? Or any of the photographs of Johnny posing by himself – without his bodyguard holding him upright??