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Joe Francis: Still A Great Guy

A photo of Joe Francis

You guys! I’m just kidding! I’m being silly! Because if you’ve been a longtime reader of Evil Beet, or a longtime reader of celebrity gossip in general, you know what an asshole that creepy ol’ crazy-eyed Joe Francis is. And if you’re neither of those things, let me just tell you that Joe Francis is the founder of Girls Gone Wild, he doesn’t pay his taxes, and he physically attacks pregnant ladies. Are we all up to date?

Good, because, and in all seriousness this time, Joe Francis is still a dick who hits women who have the nerve to hit his car when he has his door opened in traffic.

From TMZ:

Joe Francis was handcuffed just minutes ago in Beverly Hills, after a car accident with a female motorist that ended in an all out physical fight.

The “Girls Gone Wild” creator was driving his Bentley on Rodeo Drive when his car collided with a female driver.  We’re told the two began arguing over who was at fault.  Francis tells TMZ … the woman grabbed his cell phone as he attempted to snap photos, and cops say at that point the two engaged in mutual combat.

Cops say both suffered minor injuries.  Francis says his finger was cut when the woman tried to grab the phone.

Police un-cuffed Francis and decided no one would be arrested.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the accident occurred as a result of Joe opening his Bentley door into traffic. The other driver then crashed into it.

Now, I’m not claiming to be the world’s best driver by any means, but I’m pretty sure that you’re not supposed to open your car door when other cars are driving by you. Isn’t that a thing? Like, did I read that in the manual or am I just making that up? If I am, tell me, and I’ll send my apologies to Mr. Joe Francis right away, but I feel like I’m right here.