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Hey Joe Francis? Fuck You.

In my inbox this afternoon: a threatening letter from one of Joe Francis’s crack team of legal eagles paralegals, threatening to sue me if I don’t remove a post … from Which I don’t own. If you’re going to tell me that you “take this matter very seriously,” maybe pay your legal team enough to get their links right as they send out a slew of baseless threats.

Here’s the full text:

Re: Joe Francis Article Posted On Your Website Entitled: “It Appears That Joe Francis May Not Be The Good Guy We Thought He Was” (the “Article”)

To whom it may concern,

Demand is hereby made that you immediately remove the Article from your website. The Article contains false, defamatory statements as well as statements that are in violation of agreements signed by the former employees involved with the report.

This letter serves as a formal notice of our demand that you immediately remove the Article from your website located at as well as any other websites owned and/or controlled by you. We hereby reserve the right to take such action as necessary to protect our rights, business and reputation. Make no mistake: we will sue you, and seek injunctive relief, damages and attorney’s fees.

So that there is no possibility of misunderstanding, know this: we take this matter very seriously and will take appropriate action to protect our interests. The only way for you to possibly avoid such action is to contact me immediately. Nothing in this letter should be construed as a waiver, relinquishment or election or rights or remedies by Mantra Films, Inc. and its related companies, all of which expressly reserves all rights and remedies under all applicable federal and state laws. Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.

Hey, Joe? The actual article we posted does nothing more than restate the facts from Radar’s story. We’re completely within our rights here. We make no accusations of our own, we state nothing as fact, and you have no grounds to sue us, and you fucking know that.

But, hey, while we’re on the topic, remember that L.A. Times piece that recounts in pretty gritty detail how you raped a girl and then tried to cover it up by threatening the reporter?


Fuck you, you dirty piece of shit.

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