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The Sex and the City 2 Premiere: Dresses, Drag Queens and Douches, Oh My!

photo of sarah jessica parker in chartreuse yellow dress at the sex and the city 2 premiere in new york city

So, the SATC premiere was last night in New York City. I didn’t go ’cause I was too busy watching the series finale of 24, but made sure I caught up with the SATC ladies this morning, paying homage to the mostly-fabulous dresses. And damn, some of those dresses — like, really. But then again, what else would you expect from a movie that’s so heavily-rooted in fashion?

I’m probably going to have to go and admit that Carrie Sarah Jessica Parker was probably the best dressed of the night. There’s just something so viscerally pleasing about chartreuse with grey heels. Stellar. And the night, naturally, was just filled with fashion cameos — Bo Derek showed up looking like … well, looking like she was going to clean a yacht rather than attend a big-name movie premiere. And then there was Petra Nemacova, who looked all of twelve years old, and Michelle Trachtenberg, who appeared rather pissed off that she looked like sausage in torn casing in her dress.

While I thoroughly expected Kim Catrall to look the best of all of the SATC ladies, she totally looked the worst — definitely more like 60 year-old drag-queen that forgot his Spanx at home than the hot, hot woman I’ve come to love since her plastic part on Mannequin.

Oh, and Jennifer Love Hewitt … I totally think you’re an asshat, but you looked pretty damn great last night, I can’t deny.

Check out the photos in the gallery from last night’s events and after party.

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  • If i had my piture out there, like you Sarah, i wouldn’t get nasty about Michelle Trahtenberg’s looks…or were you trying to be funny biting? Wonder why it never seems to work at this blog…

  • i thought catrell looked good-very old hollywood glamour.

    trachtenberg looked terrible as did that chick in black from head (literally, did you see those roots?!?) to toe who is also sporting a pair of leather 90’s styled boots.

    LAST but not least is the worst dressed person of the evening = LIZA MINNELLI

    So surprised you did not call her on it Sarah.

  • Hey Sarah,
    Are you being ironic when you say “There’s just something so viscerally pleasing about chartreuse with grey heels. Stellar.”, ’cause I actually thinks she look amazing!!!

    • No, I’m being serious. I think she looks fabulous and I love the heels paired with the dress. :)

  • The premiere at London (for the first movie) was WAY more glamorous than that looks!

    SJP looks amazing in the yellow dress! Like the Statue of Liberty with the chandelier! :)

  • Wow. I have to say for a movie so rooted in fashion, as Sarah said, I think a lot of the people looked like they didn’t try or didn’t hire the right stylist. It seems to me a lot of them had completely blah dressed with clashing and/or just boring shoes. This is the Sex and the City 2 premiere people! Shut it down! Look awesome! Take a fashion risk! I mean, Maria Helena Vianna? Way to underwhelm me. She appears to not even bothered to make sure her dress wasn’t wrinkled. And Padma Lakshmi was boring as well.

    But with that said, some did look amazing, such as Sarah Jessica Parker in that neon yellow dress, Julissa Bermudez (who definitely seems to have gotten the memo about being fashion-forward! : ) ), and Tara Wilson. I love her dress!

    Also, is that an I-Pad that Orianthi is holding??? It looks like an I-Pad with a golden butterfly case on it.

  • I can’t get past the Llama looking outfit on the woman in the background. What was she thinking?