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The Scary Bassist From Slipknot Dies, Fans Congregate in Mourning

photo of paul gray bassist of slipknot

For all (or any) of you wicked hardcore music fans out there, your genre has lost another talented musician. Paul Gray, award-winning bassist for Slipknot, was found dead in an Iowa hotel room yesterday. Police involved in the investigation claim that no foul play is suspected, but a toxicology panel is scheduled as well as an autopsy, both of which are said to happen today.

I’m totally not a Slipknot fan (and frankly, their music and performance antics, as well as general creepy-masked appearances kind of scared the ever-loving shit out of me), but it’s definitely sad when Simon Monjack overshadows your death a generational icon passes away. It upsets certain groups of people. Like, I’m sure there are fans of Gray that are all broken up over this in the same way that I would be if it were, say, Thom Yorke of Radiohead or something. I’d be crushed, just like a buttload of people probably are over Gray’s death. So, bummer. I get it.

Gray was thirty-eight years old.

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