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Oh God, No: Khloe Kardashian Wants to Go Blonde, But Her Mom Won’t Let Her!

A photo of Khloe Kardashian and Robert Kardashian

Seriously, how great is Khloe Kardashian as a blonde? Of course she doesn’t look bad as a brunette, but with her hair dyed darker, it just looks a bit off next to Kourtney and Kim. She has much lighter coloring than her sisters, and her features aren’t as obviously (or at all) Armenian either. The lighter blonde, or even red, just looks so, so good on her.

It seems like Khloe knows this, and she wants to go back to blonde! Tragically, her mother and also E! won’t allow it:

Khloe wants to dye her hair again, back to blonde this time, but Kris has said she can’t because filming ofKeeping Up With The Kardashians is going to begin right after New Year’s Eve.

“Khloe just wants to simply change her hair color, she has been leaning towards going blonde this time. She has wigs that she owns and when she dons the blonde locks, Lamar LOVES it. Lamar thinks his wife should be able to have her hair whatever color she wants. Practically every woman in Dallas is blonde, and Khloe just thinks it would be fun for her to do,” a family insider tells

The rebellious Kardashian gal has even inquired if E! can legally dictate her hair color, and the answer is, yes!

“E! has a very strict contract with the entire family. Before any physical changes are made on any of the family members during times when the shows are shooting, they must be approved by the network. Executives at E! want Khloe to remain a brunette so that it doesn’t date the series when it reruns. The suits want all of the sisters to have a similar look because the girls are branded as sisters, and having one of them showing up on screen with hair a different color, throws that off, and they don’t want to alienate viewers,” the source says.

When I was 13, bless my heart, I wanted nothing more than to have black hair. I wanted my outer appearance to express the darkness within, and all I needed was seven damn dollars to express my anguish to my whole middle school. I saved my allowance for a couple of weeks, and then one fateful day, as I was walking around the K-Mart with my mother, I brought the subject up.

“No way,” my mom said. “There is no way that you’re dying your hair.”

I moped my way through the rest of the K-Mart trip, I threw a fit in the car ride home, and when we got home, I immediately headed for my bedroom where I blared Matchbox 20 through my headphones and read Cosmo because “Mom, please, I’m old enough to read it, I’m just curious, GOD!” My dreams were crushed, and I resigned myself to an 8th grade with gross old brown hair because I didn’t have a rebellious bone in my body.

Here’s the difference: I was 13 and ridiculous, and Khloe is a 27-year-old woman.

Please, Khloe. Get to Dallas and get out. Your hair is what you want it to be. Please know this.

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  • Ugh these people! The only reason she’s not allowed to dye it during filming is for continuity when they need to re-shoot scenes (bc their show is fake)!

  • But she could be sued for breach of contract if she dyed her hair without the network’s consent, right? It sounds ridiculous but I wouldn’t risk a judiciary process just to change my hair colour either.

  • “Branded as sisters”? Sisters can’t have different hair color Yeah, we don’t want the viewers to be fool! She looks SO much better in blonde, even better than Kim!… maybe that’s the reason…

  • she actually reminds me a little of jessica alba, with her eyes and blond hair. she really looks soooo good with blonde hair. someone start a petition ha ha.

  • None of them look Armenian. They all look Persian. Don’t associate them with Armenians please, it’s embarrassing..