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Blind Item: The Kardashian Paternity Drama

A photo of Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, and Kourtney Kardashian

This is a really interesting but really sad blind item. The rest of the internet and I aren’t really accepting any guesses for this other than the Kardashians, so why don’t we go ahead and review the item and then talk about our feelings, all right?

While the members of this famous family certainly resemble each other, there is one family member with a unique physical characteristic that differentiates them from their more famous sibling/s. There have been rumblings about this for a long time, but it has finally been confirmed by parent to child: that the child is, in fact, the product of an affair one of their parents had long ago.  The child did not take the news well, and really resents having been lied to all these years. Given that certain members of the family tend to selectively overshare, it will be interesting to see if this information is ever publicly revealed, and – if it is – how it will be spun.

And now we know that it’s been confirmed that Khloe Kardashian is not truly a Kardashian by blood, and that Mother of the Year, Kris Jenner, slept around. Here, in no particular order, are the facts to back it up:

1) Check out the wording of the item: “a unique physical characteristic,” “more famous sibling,” and the tendency to “selectively overshare.” Not a Kardashian post goes by where somebody doesn’t comment on Khloe’s stature, of course Kim is way more famous, and … oversharing, guys. That’s what the Kardashians do.

2) Just look at Khloe. We’ve already mentioned the height, but there’s the lighter hair, the lighter complexion, and the fact that Kim and Kourtney could be twins while Khloe has a pretty different look.

3) If you watch the show, you might remember an early episode where Khloe did a DNA test to see if Kris was her biological mom. She stated that she never felt like a real part of the family and that she felt like she was treated differently.

4) Remember, Khloe Kardashian is the best Kardashian. A different set of genes might be the reason.

5) In Kris Jenner’s new book, she mentions that time that she had an affair around the same time that Khloe would have been conceived. So there’s that.

Any other guesses, or do you think it’s pretty much a sure bet that this paternity drama is all about the Kardashians?

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  • I’ve always expected Khloe wasn’t Robert Kardashian’s child. She is taller then her mother and Robert, so that doesn’t really add up. She appears to have a white father, because she doesn’t show any of those armenian traits the other siblings do. I think it’s being kept a secret because then she won’t technically be contributing to the Kardashian empire, and it’s been shown she has a really strong bond to Robert. In my eyes if he raised her, he is her father. If he knew that she wasn’t his child, then more respect to him.

  • Finally. I was wondering how long it would take til this finally became official! Go Khloe! I would sue Kris. What a c….

  • I wonder who this guy is that Kris had the affair with? If we could only see a picture of him and then make our comparisons. I am surprised that no news outlets have tried to find out.

  • All that people should know is she’s thicker but not in a bad way. I think she has the best body out of all her sister and she’s tall and she’s always running her mouth but in a good way she protects her family herself true signs she’s going to be a great mother she’s still married and she’s a person. If she had a diff dad it dosent mean she has a dif father Robert took care of her he loved her she loved him that all that matters. U ppl say Tue family sucks u say boycott u say such mean things yet u still talk about them its u guys who are the wrong ones and its u guys that keep them in the lime light. I meet her in person before she was all.over tv and she only had one store and when I walked in she said hi how’s ur day and let me know if there anything I can help u. I haven’t see her since so I say if she’s still the same person I meet that one day then I say she’s far better then all the ppl writing all these things on here and she’s a good person please respect and give her space in this time.

  • Khloe’s bio dad is Alex Roldan.

    Check out 3:17 of her mom’s video “I love my friends” on youtube.

    He’s been Kris’ hairdresser for 30 years and Khloe looks EXACTLY like him.