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And Now Chris Brown’s Mom Wants Her Son to Get Back Together with Rihanna

A photo of Rihanna and Chris Brown

Earlier today, Sarah told you about how Chris Brown and Rihanna are perhaps tweeting each other sweet nothings again. Just like every other story about the possibility of these two getting back together, I was left with a very uncomfortable feeling. I just don’t think there’s any possible way that any kind of reunion between Chris Brown and Rihanna could end well. As Sarah said, there’s a big difference between forgiving someone for the horrible things he did to you and giving him the chance to do it again, and I’m really worried that Rihanna’s going towards the latter.

But what do I do know? Chris Brown’s mother wants Rihanna back:

Ever since their tumultuous split in 2009, Rihanna and Chris Brown have had little contact. But it seems the tide is turning. Chris’ mother, Joyce Hawkins, has stepped in the help reconcile the ex-lovers. “Joyce decided to reach out to Rihnna and help her sort out her life — and her relationship with Chris,” explains a source. “Rihana is still trying to blot out the inner emotional pain and turmoil of wanting Chris back.”

The former pair “have connected via text and email,” the source tells Star. Still, “Her management won’t let her meet up with him, because they are worried that he would hurt her again or that her fans would turn on her.”

But Rihanna has been spiraling out of control for months, boozing and bar-hopping. Friends fear it’s a sign of her missing her bad-boy ex — and Chris’ mom is trying to help the 23-year-old get back on track.

“Joyce is worried about her,” says the source. “She knew Rihanna as a sweet, young girl who was more interested in her career than partying all night long. If Rihanna thinks being with Chris will help her pull out of her tailspin, Joyce will make it happen.”

I’ve never seen a couple who broke up – like seriously broke up, like a “get out of my house, lose my number, we’re done” – and then got back together and managed to make it work. My own parents got divorced twice. Once when I was 8, and my dad got a new house, and everything was over. Then, a couple of years later, they started hanging out when one of them dropped me off, one thing led to another, and my dad proposed. Again. They split for good when I was 13, and talk about a mindf*ck.

I just don’t see how, after a couple ends things so finally, they think that maybe it could work if they just tried again. I know a lot of it’s hope, but … your son put this girl in the hospital, Joyce. Call me crazy, but I don’t think it’s the best idea if they get back together.