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Are Rihanna and Chris Brown Tweeting Each Other Again?

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This screengrab was taken of Rihanna‘s Twitter account yesterday, saying “I’ll always love u #1LOVE”:

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And then here’s a tweet that came in just minutes later from Chris Brown‘s Twitter:

photo of chris brown twitter pictures photos
OK, to answer the question in the headline, “Are Rihanna and Chris Brown Tweeting Each Other Again?”, my answer is, frankly, “I don’t give a f-ck.” These two people are complete assholes (one a bit more than the other, but let’s not reopen that can of worms today), and I just don’t have it in me to be all “girl power” and “you go girl” all over Rihanna anymore. It’s just not there, and I’m not going to waste my time faking it. It’s like Ike and Tina Turner, only after Ike beat the ever-loving snot out of Tina, no one wanted to touch his grimy ass. Apparently times have changed, friends, and the in thing to do is maybe eat where you shit.

Tina Turner once said:

“It’s [the divorce was] not about leaving with money. You leave with knowledge. Inner strength. All the discipline I have to have now came from being with that man … I knew what I was doing, and I knew why, and I got out. You don’t step out and do what I did with my life if you don’t have some control there.”

You know, maybe Rihanna HAS gained control (though I somehow doubt it), and maybe she hasn’t (the likelier of the two choices). But the bottom line is that there’s a huge difference between being a big enough person to forgive someone for something so awful, and to continuously put your heart out there to let that other person know that, in addition to forgiving them, they also still have the same power over you that turned against you in the end anyway. It’s like, just because you love someone doesn’t mean that you *need* to be together.

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  • hey! lets not jugde. what bout pam anderson and tomy lee he seem to beat the help out of her and she came back over and over agin. the long story short is that nothing is as it seems. they are all fake

  • We are ALL on the outside-looking in. NO one other then Rihanna and Chris has any real idea as to what is or IS NOT going on. Only God can judge! SO, to you Mrs. “Blogger”-Your opinion is just like ass-holes! Everybody has one and most of the time, its only about SH….T.

  • I hope they get back together, they deserve each other. He’s ab woman beater douchebag, and she’s a vulgar gutter snipe. Cheers to them!!!!

  • where lovers re nobody ‘s allowed to contribute coz yu mite end up being de bad guy.thats wat love ‘s for to help us thru the world.
    my grannie told mi wenever yu ave a heated argument wit someone yu love and that it will lead to yo break up,think of good times yu heard together that will lead yu to forgive that person.

  • i can almost guarantee that rihanna and chris will get back together. hey, can’t help who ya love, right? :/

  • don’t nobody know what the real story is with them two, the only thing everybody know is that Chris Brown apologized. Which could have meant that he was the bigger person.

  • the both are in love,let them be,caus the more u go against them is the more u get shame,look, my mom always say that,the secret 4 love is STOP!!! the more people talk about them leaving each other is the more their love grows.i’m a living witness to if Chris Brown and Rihanna love each other let them go on until they fine the bad in each other.

  • Neva mind the abuse they love each other and hpefully they realise hw much they love each othr yes they found love in the hopeless place I believe in love if riri n chris brown miss each other than they can be together and forget bwt the media mwah buhle aka bush-lay south africa

  • Sorry to say but most women like the bad boy thug beating type of guy. Don’t know why, maybe because they like drama. Look at Sandra Bullock, she picks a loser like that as a husband, when she could get any guy she wanted. Oh well, like they say “nice guys finish last and the good die young”

  • if they do get back together wats the guarantee dat we wont get another punched bag on news…. im all for luv but this is a bit risky!! talk about leakin with your tongue honey from a thorn….