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Chris Brown and Rihanna Are Probably Sexting

A photo of Rihanna and Chris Brown

Or maybe not.  Maybe Chris Brown and Rihanna are just trying to salvage something of their relationship, or maybe they’re just trying to make things not completely horrible and awkward when they bump into each other at award shows or something. I don’t know.  All I know is that Chris Brown can’t work Twitter.

You know how you can send direct messages and you can send the little @ replies to people?  Poor Chris Brown has a little trouble with that.  Yesterday, he got the two things confused, and he sent Rihanna a message, in front of God and everybody, that said “you got that pic I sent you?”  He deleted the Tweet soon after, but the internet is lightning quick, and now we all know about it.

It’s possible the picture was totally innocent. Maybe he got another shitty tattoo he thought she’d like to see, or maybe he saw something funny at the Walmart – it’s really anyone’s guess.  But nowadays, when the public thinks of Chris Brown and pictures, only one thing comes to mind.  And that’s his dick.  Are you understanding the logic here yet?  Chris Brown is incapable of sending anyone a picture that isn’t of his junk.

At this point in time, I feel like I’ve been over Rihanna for decades, like “Rude Boy” came out when I was three and it’s been violently hammered into my soul ever since.  Still though, I wouldn’t like to see Rihanna go back to such an abusive prick, or even be subjected to a penis picture or two.  What about you guys, what’s your stance on this nowadays?

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  • If Rihanna is stupid enough to talk to that violent thug, it’s her problem. She knows the potential danger, but I guess she just doesn’t care.

  • y are people so agaist chris brown man omg its like really bad…….wenever i c it it feels like firstly… 1) SHIT PEOPLE CNT 4give which means 2) SHIT where r de real Christians or any believers….. dis probz mean dat >>>3) there are no sensible ppl in de world no more… h 8ing ppl dey dnt even know…so can u please just SHUT THE FUUUK UUPP………….i bet u fuked a 10000 gurls made millliiiiooooons of misstakes and yet expect every1 2 4give u…………… GET A LIFE……… no point h8 u missing a lot of great music out there nd u shuld b ashammed of urselves 4 being such twats sorry but ppl go on youtube nd find out bout frreemasons kl u dnt wanna believe dat fine but b a sensible person nd learn 2 forgive so that “thy can be forgiven”

  • wait hold on for a minute i thougt chirs brown hasa girlfriend name karrueche tran is he cheating on her? BECAUSE CHIRS BROWN SHOULD but he is obessed with her thats what i heard but i aslo dont like karrueche tran beause shes ussing chirs brown for his money and for the fame. she also hates when chris brown fans asks them for an autograph or a picture . she smokes weed,she talks about chirs brown with her friend seiko she quit her modeling job for chirs brown shes drunk and she teaching chris brown how to smoke too! WELL I HOPE HE DUMPS HER AND goes back with rihanna . but i think rhianna wont expect hat at all. there a cute couple. but they should not send each other sexuitly pics i think its kinda a rumor though.well leave chris brown and rhianna alone. i am still one of there fans. and its so innoying when it comes to papperazi. like when ever they go somewhere papperazi and pepole follow them everywhere! SO INNOYING