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Kris Jenner Thinks Daniel Craig Isn’t A Real Man

A photo of Kris Jenner

About a week ago, if you had told me that a battle between the Kardashians and Daniel Craig was a-brewin’, I would have laughed. Well, actually, I would probably would have given you a really confused look and then left you and your crazy thoughts in peace so I could get another piece of the cake my boyfriend’s mom made (oh my god, you guys. Oh my god. This cake is no joke). But now it’s Friday, and the battle is seemingly underway, and also I am woefully out of cake. BUT ANYWAY.

You remember when Daniel Craig said all those darling things about the Kardashians? When he basically said that they behaved like f*cking idiots and that he judged them for it? Yeah, well, Mother of the Year Kris Jenner just heard about that, and believe you me, did she have something to say:

“It’s not made him look like the world’s nicest guy. The right thing for a real man to do now would be to issue a public apology. The easy thing would be to criticize his career now, but our family won’t stoop to that level.”

Oh, those Kardashians always slay me. They’re just so silly! It’s like, sure, Kris, you cheat on your husband and refuse to tell one of your daughters who her biological father is for years, you pimp your underage daughters out on the regular, but this James Bond shit? Please.

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  • Bitch please!!! You’re talking about Daniel Craig AKA (jamesfcukinbond) ..the A- LIST ACTOR W/ more TALENT and POISE on his worst day than you’ll have on your very best of day’s….know your place and STFU!!!!!

  • Just look at that fucking face – your 3,000th face lift didn’t help, Kris Kuntrashian! Filthy whore

  • What WOULD she know about “A REAL MAN” when she married a tranny granny…and for that matter WHAT WOULD SHE KNOW ABOUT BEING A REAL MOTHER???” She does, however, know everything about being a PIMP and taught her SKANKS everything they know about being “COMPLETE AND USELESS HOES!”

  • Kris Jenner should stop whining and grow up! she’s just jealous of the private life that Daniel Craig has,and she doesn’t.if you want to live your life in public,be prepared to get comments,if you can’t take that,well that’s your problem

  • YES! I totally agree with ALL of the above comments!
    Kris Jenner’s “girls” are only known for their lack of clothing, boob jobs and sex tapes. They have NO talent or can do anyting worthwhile to warrent the gross amount of money they demand per apprearance.
    Kimmy’s marriage is and was a shame and con from the very beginning. Anyone with a brain could tell theirs was/is not a marriage made in heaven! Of ALL the Kartrashians and Jenners, the only one with brains, knowledge, normal and a happy marriage is Khloe!
    Bruce Jenner is a puppet of his demanding, greedy and gaudy wife, he even admitted on national t.v. he is scared of his own wife! What a wimp!