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Lady Gaga Is Just Like Princess Diana

A photo of Lady Gaga

When I think of Princess Diana, I think about timeless beauty, effortless grace, and a woman who was loved and adored by so many people in the world. When I think of Lady Gaga, I think … well, I don’t think those things. Sadly, my opinion doesn’t change what Gaga thinks, and what Gaga thinks is that she is this generation’s Diana:

“Gaga has been absolutely fixated on Diana and sees herself as a 21st-century incarnation of her,” a source told The Sun. “She knows she is almost as recognizable as Diana and is hounded by photographers and fans on the same level. Gaga has had dreams about dying the same way as her and has genuine fears that her fame could literally kill her, either in a chase or at the hands of crazies.”

I don’t even know where to begin with this. Does this mean that Lady Gaga thinks she’s America’s princess? That she thinks she’s worthy of the kind of admiration that people had for Diana? Oh God, she doesn’t think that anyone’s going to make a Beanie Baby for her, does she?

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  • I actually see what she means. What happened to Diana, John Lennon, or Selena? Remember when Monica Seles, the tennis player, was stabbed in the back by a fan? I don’t see it as completely unlikely to be honest. You can like Lady Gaga more or less, but she is one of the most famous people on the planet right now and yes, I think she is as recognisable as Diana, or if she isn’t right now, she will be in the future.

  • I agree with Miree. I think you’re reading too much in to it if you think she’s suggesting that she’s like Diana in *every* way (like being a totally awesome princess). She’s just talking about a crazy, dangerous level of fame, which is totally fair.