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Princess Diana

Naomi Watts Is Having Trouble Answering for Her Princess Diana Movie

naomi watts princess diana

When you take on a role of someone as iconic as Princess Diana, there is bound to be a lot of talk surrounding it. There’ll be criticism, hard-hitting questions, etc. I don’t think Naomi Watts is stupid enough not to have realised this, but she doesn’t seem to be doing well with facing the tough stuff, as she walked out on an interview about the film this week on BBC radio DJ Simon Mayo‘s show because she didn’t like the questions.

Well… right, then. Simon talked about the incident on his 5 Live show on Friday with Mark Kermone, saying (via DS):

“I think it’s fair to say that Naomi sounded quite cautious and defensive through most of the interview,” he said. “They wanted to do the interview with the director (Oliver Hirschbiegel) present, in case I asked any crazy questions about how Diana died.

“There was no intention and no point in asking those questions, because the film’s not about that. So we gave that insurance, and she does the interview on her own, and I think she was a little bit nervous about that.”

“But I’ve looked at the transcript and we’ve gone through the interview, and there isn’t a single question that I think anyone will say, ‘Ooh, there you go you see, that was unfortunate, you shouldn’t have asked that’,” he added.

“She becomes unhappy, she turns to her people and she wants to stop. She’s drawing fingers across her throat, she wants out. About a minute and a half short of the ten-minute allocation, she says, ‘Oh, we’re being told to wind up, we’re being told to stop’, which she wasn’t.

“But she wanted to stop the interview, which of course she’s entirely entitled to do, and so she left.”

They’re still going to air what did take place of the interview on Friday, September 13th, apparently. Listen, I get that it’s a really tough position to be in because you don’t want to offend the royal family or get yourself into too many sticky situations. However, if you don’t have the balls to be honest and discuss your work, then you probably shouldn’t do it. I don’t know what questions this guy was asking and I’m not familiar with his show in particular, but unless it was something wildly inappropriate – which the BBC would have quashed anyway – then it’s all on Naomi. She needs to buck up, and soon.

Scotland Yard Reexamining Princess Diana’s Death

princess diana

Princess Diana died in a car crash in 1997, and ever since, people have been donning their conspiracy caps and saying who really killed Diana and why the official investigation wasn’t enough for them.

Well, maybe this will please them. British police are reexamining Princess Diana’s Death. Why? Oh, I don’t know, but isn’t it SUSPICIOUS that Naomi Watts is coming out with a PRINCESS DIANA MOVIE???!! WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!!!

From USA Today:

British media and the Associated Press reported that Scotland Yard is examining the “relevance and credibility” of newly received information relating to the deaths of Diana and her companion, Dodi Fayed, who also was killed, along with their driver, in a car crash in a Paris traffic tunnel on Aug. 31, 1997.

What information could they have that has not already been examined by the French police, the British police and by a British coroner’s inquiry? The Yard is not saying.

Its statement said only that the assessment will be carried out by officers from its specialist crime and operations unit.

If you want to learn more about the case and Diana’s life, then don’t watch this trailer for the upcoming film, because it offers nothing.

Anyone want to share their own Princess Diana death theories? I’d love to hear ‘em! (Not sarcasm, swear.)

Naomi Watts Was Nervous About Playing Princess Diana

naomi watts princess diana

I still think this whole project is bad news bears, but whatever, it’s happening, so we all just have to embrace it. Naomi Watts is playing Princess Diana in a new biopic and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. In any case, it’s not like Naomi just jumped into it without a second thought. Turns out, she was rather nervous about getting Diana “very right”.

From Total Film:

“I was very nervous about the accent.

“She had a very distinct voice – she came from aristocracy so she was quite posh, but there was a warmth there, too. Her accent wasn’t too ‘fruity’.

“She also had this thing where the bottom half of her face didn’t move that much.”

LOL, I don’t think I’ve ever heard the expression “fruity accent” before, but I like it. It’s not that I mind Naomi as an actress, per se, just that Diana is such a beloved figure and also a controversial one, in certain ways (certain stupid ways, that is). I haven’t read the script or seen the film, but I hope they’ve done her justice.

The “Diana” Trailer Makes Fantastic Lifetime Material

princess diana movie naomi watts

Naomi Watts is playing Princess Diana in a film that would fit seamlessly into Lifetime television. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just very…Lifetime-y. I hope they’ll bring it to the US for us, because according to We Are Movie Geeks, there’s no set date for the US (yet?). It will be in UK cinemas on October 10. Anyway, here’s the first trailer (not just a teaser, but an actual trailer.)

I actually think Naomi Watts looks pretty good as Diana. She’s no Michael Douglas as Liberace in Behind the Candelabra or even Rob Lowe as Liberace’s plastic surgeon in Behind the Candelabra, but she doesn’t seem to be a disaster. See for yourself.

What do you think?

“Nope” of the Day: Naomi Watts as Princess Diana

naomi watts princess diana

Princess Diana was beloved to all around the world, not just the UK, and her death was a horrible tragedy that touched us all. So of course Hollywood wanted to make a movie out of her life, and who better to play her than… Naomi Watts? Uh… no. I like Naomi, don’t get me wrong – she’s a pretty solid actress and was really nice to me back in the day when I was a cashier at Whole Foods and rang her an Liev Schreiber up (she told me to write a book) – but as Princess Diana? Really? I just can’t, for some reason.

In any case, it’s real and it’s happening and Diana has its first trailer. I’m not really sure what I think about it, other than an urge to scratch my head and a long, Michael Scott ‘noooooo’ running through my brain. Sorta like this:


I suppose the first pillar in the road to recovery is acceptance, so let’s get on with it. Here’s the trailer – watch it and tell me if I’m crazy for thinking Naomi is totally the wrong person for this role. I’m not even sure who the right person would be – maybe no one. Maybe this movie shouldn’t be made.

’80s Flashback: Freddie Mercury Dressed Princess Diana As a Man and Took Her To a Gay Club

princess diana freddie mercury

In a story that’s just way too deliciously ’80s, it’s been claimed that Freddie Mercury once dressed the late Princess Diana as a man – in an army jacket, leather cap and aviator sunglasses – and took her out to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, a notorious gay bar, for the night, along with comedians Cleo Rocos and Kenny Everett. The awesome story came to light as Cleo’s book, The Power of Positive Drinking, is currently being serialized in The Sunday Times.

“Scrutinising her in the half light we decided that the most famous icon of the modern world might just – just – pass for a rather eccentrically dressed gay male model.”

“The place was full. It took an absolute eon to edge our way to the bar, with person after person cheerfully greeting us. It was fabulously outrageous and so bizarrely exciting. Our hearts pounded with every new leather-clad hairy body that approached, but no one, absolutely no-one, recognized Diana.

“On we inched, through the leather throngs and thongs, until finally we reached the bar. We were nudging each other like naughty schoolchildren. Diana and Freddie were giggling, but she did order a white wine and a beer. Once the transaction was completed, we looked at one another, united in our triumphant quest. We did it!

“Never has going to a bar been quite so exhilarating and fun. We then made a swift exit, a cab was hailed and we whisked Diana back to Kensington Palace. The jolly queens queuing outside unknowingly waved back as their ‘queen of hearts’ waved goodbye. Not a single person ever found us out.”

“When we walked in… we felt she was obviously Princess Diana and would be discovered at any minute. But people just seemed to blank her. She sort of disappeared. But she loved it.”

This story is great, and totally something I can see Diana doing, without a doubt, because she just didn’t give a shit (in the best possible way). It’s the reason she never fully “fit in” to the royal family, and the reason so many loved her. I just wish there were pictures of this magical night!

Is Kate Middleton Having a Daughter?

kate middleton pics

If you want to put the Queen back in hospital, tell her you’re having a girl rather than a son who can carry on the royal lineage. We don’t know that that’s the case, of course, but Kate Middleton may or may not have inadvertently hinted that this baby of hers is of the lady variety.

From The Telegraph:

It was the merest slip of the tongue, but the Duchess of Cambridge may just have given away the sex of her baby as she chatted to a member of the public on a visit to Grimsby on Tuesday.

After being given a teddy bear as a gift, the Duchess said: “Thank you, I’ll take that for my d …” She stopped herself before going any further, but when a well-wisher asked if she was in the process of saying “daughter” she replied: “We’re not telling.”

The Duchess, who is due to give birth in July, also claimed not to know the sex of her baby, who will one day be monarch, but her comment will be seized upon by royal watchers the world over who are eager for any clues about whether she is expecting a boy or a girl. Precedent dictates that the sex of royal babies is never announced in advance.

The Duchess also said her baby had been kicking “very much” and joked to a fan that she might have to wait a long time before she is queen.

Hmm. Maybe it was a legit tongue-tied moment or perhaps she really is having a girl. So long as it looks better than this CGI rendering, I think we’re in business. This baby needs to get born already. If it’s a girl, how much do we want to wager on Diana being the middle name?