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Naomi Watts Was Nervous About Playing Princess Diana

naomi watts princess diana

I still think this whole project is bad news bears, but whatever, it’s happening, so we all just have to embrace it. Naomi Watts is playing Princess Diana in a new biopic and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. In any case, it’s not like Naomi just jumped into it without a second thought. Turns out, she was rather nervous about getting Diana “very right”.

From Total Film:

“I was very nervous about the accent.

“She had a very distinct voice – she came from aristocracy so she was quite posh, but there was a warmth there, too. Her accent wasn’t too ‘fruity’.

“She also had this thing where the bottom half of her face didn’t move that much.”

LOL, I don’t think I’ve ever heard the expression “fruity accent” before, but I like it. It’s not that I mind Naomi as an actress, per se, just that Diana is such a beloved figure and also a controversial one, in certain ways (certain stupid ways, that is). I haven’t read the script or seen the film, but I hope they’ve done her justice.

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