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“Nope” of the Day: Naomi Watts as Princess Diana

naomi watts princess diana

Princess Diana was beloved to all around the world, not just the UK, and her death was a horrible tragedy that touched us all. So of course Hollywood wanted to make a movie out of her life, and who better to play her than… Naomi Watts? Uh… no. I like Naomi, don’t get me wrong – she’s a pretty solid actress and was really nice to me back in the day when I was a cashier at Whole Foods and rang her an Liev Schreiber up (she told me to write a book) – but as Princess Diana? Really? I just can’t, for some reason.

In any case, it’s real and it’s happening and Diana has its first trailer. I’m not really sure what I think about it, other than an urge to scratch my head and a long, Michael Scott ‘noooooo’ running through my brain. Sorta like this:


I suppose the first pillar in the road to recovery is acceptance, so let’s get on with it. Here’s the trailer – watch it and tell me if I’m crazy for thinking Naomi is totally the wrong person for this role. I’m not even sure who the right person would be – maybe no one. Maybe this movie shouldn’t be made.

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  • da noe ain’t big enough… she’s too white .. the english are basically part white arabs !!!! dat’s why we had to bang dem down !!!! twie if yous includes da rumble of 1812 … ouhooooo da suck .

  • Who would be better? I think she’s well suited for the role, but I sure as hell wont be watching this movie.

    I also think if they gave her a nose implant she’d look identical to Diana.