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Naomi Watts Is Having Trouble Answering for Her Princess Diana Movie

naomi watts princess diana

When you take on a role of someone as iconic as Princess Diana, there is bound to be a lot of talk surrounding it. There’ll be criticism, hard-hitting questions, etc. I don’t think Naomi Watts is stupid enough not to have realised this, but she doesn’t seem to be doing well with facing the tough stuff, as she walked out on an interview about the film this week on BBC radio DJ Simon Mayo‘s show because she didn’t like the questions.

Well… right, then. Simon talked about the incident on his 5 Live show on Friday with Mark Kermone, saying (via DS):

“I think it’s fair to say that Naomi sounded quite cautious and defensive through most of the interview,” he said. “They wanted to do the interview with the director (Oliver Hirschbiegel) present, in case I asked any crazy questions about how Diana died.

“There was no intention and no point in asking those questions, because the film’s not about that. So we gave that insurance, and she does the interview on her own, and I think she was a little bit nervous about that.”

“But I’ve looked at the transcript and we’ve gone through the interview, and there isn’t a single question that I think anyone will say, ‘Ooh, there you go you see, that was unfortunate, you shouldn’t have asked that’,” he added.

“She becomes unhappy, she turns to her people and she wants to stop. She’s drawing fingers across her throat, she wants out. About a minute and a half short of the ten-minute allocation, she says, ‘Oh, we’re being told to wind up, we’re being told to stop’, which she wasn’t.

“But she wanted to stop the interview, which of course she’s entirely entitled to do, and so she left.”

They’re still going to air what did take place of the interview on Friday, September 13th, apparently. Listen, I get that it’s a really tough position to be in because you don’t want to offend the royal family or get yourself into too many sticky situations. However, if you don’t have the balls to be honest and discuss your work, then you probably shouldn’t do it. I don’t know what questions this guy was asking and I’m not familiar with his show in particular, but unless it was something wildly inappropriate – which the BBC would have quashed anyway – then it’s all on Naomi. She needs to buck up, and soon.

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  • I remember when I heard that she was taking this role. I thought she had more brains I was wrong. Plus, I hear the film is so bad, that it could be a career crippler. But, I’m with you, talk the talk? Then walk the walk.

  • She could end up dead if she starts veering away from the official story. That happens all the time…..about different “official” stories.