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Quotables: George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis Had A Very Healthy Relationship

A photo of Elisabetta Canalis and George Clooney

“He has been a special for me, and very important, just as a father would be. Between us there was more of a father-daughter relationship. I was unable to clarify this up ’til now.”

Elisabetta Canalis describes her perfectly healthy, not at all creepy relationship with her ex-boyfriend, George Clooney.

This sounds great, right? It sounds like paradise, actually. I know that there have been times in my life when I’ve been dating someone and I’ve thought to myself “you know what would make this romantic relationship even more special? If we had more of a father-daughter dynamic going on.” And that’s why this little revelation makes me a little angry, because Elisabetta and George had that, and they threw it all away.

You don’t let something that special go, Elisabetta. Once you find a partner that you see as a parental figure, you grab on with both hands, and you hold on tight. Better luck next time, girl. You live and learn*.

*Why yes, I did thoroughly creep myself out with this whole story.

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  • according to your story maybe clooney didn’t see her like that was only from her side LOL so he had to pick more hot girl to be his daughter LOL ,i mean clooney is pretty handsome why he’d be with less pretty than him, sorry elisabetta canalis i guess clooney didn’t think of you that way u thought of him ,u wasn’t george clooney fantasy elisabetta !

  • MEEEEE-YOWWW, girl!!!! She knew EXACTLY what to say to get back at George…just throw a little more fuel on that “he-might-be-gay” rumor.

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