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Let’s Guess Who George Clooney is Dating Now, Shall We?

photo of george clooney pictures photos hot old pics

You know who’s really starting to get on my nerves? This ^^ guy. Seriously. And it’s not even because he’s rich and successful and famous and an admired humanitarian and everyone admires him and blah blah blah blah blah. It’s not even because he can clearly get any woman (or, ahem, girl) he wants – it’s that he thinks he can get any get any woman he wants. And it shows in the way that he’s got positively no discerning eye when it comes to serial dating. As if he’ll pretty much date anyone interested, with the exception of those who aren’t famous and those who have physical deformities like, you know, not looking like a GD supermodel.

I mean, are we looking at the next Hugh Hefner, here, or is George‘s supply of puss going to dry up sometime in the next decade as he drifts into his sixties?

Jump in to find out who George’s latest girl-toy is:

photo of stacy keibler pictures photos hot

What, you don’t recognize her? Well hell’s bells. That’s the WWF’s very own Stacy Keibler. Go. Wiki. Be impressed. Now.

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  • Hahaha! He has so many good qualities about him, and yet so many bad at the same time. I must agree with justthinkin’ that she could probably beat him up LOL! Good Luck GC!

  • why do u pople act like he is good looking, i mean its enough with the politicaly correct stuff… he is old and rough looking.. r u kidding hes gross… get off the band wagon its old already

    • Awww, I always like seeing mentally challenged people comment here! Your spelling is still pretty bad and you haven’t got punctuation or capitalization mastered yet but don’t give up, I’m sure you’ll make it to the 2nd grade level soon :)

      • Yes Sammy, and this is so high of you to attack the form and not the content. And by the way, you miss the punctuation at the end of your last sentence.

        I also think he looks old (in this picture at least, I didn’t seen photos/movies of him for a while). He’s 50, but not Humphrey Bogart’s 50, he looks ok, but I don’t found him attractive.

        Well, if he can get all the hot ladies, good for him. Maybe those girls are most than good looking, we don’t know them. I found sad that he doesn’t want to get married again, have children and all, but it is his life.

  • @Nance~ Hm, people must make fun of you too.

    @nygirl~ How am I being “politically correct” if I think GC is a good looking man? I really shouldn’t mock, most likely you’re all of 12.

  • these chicks of his just scream “BEARD” – they’re getting worse.

    in the discussion of attractiveness, i think he’s very handsome. but i recently saw a repeat of the golden girls when he was a young young man…lets just say he improved with age.

  • I never understood the whole George Clooney thing. Maybe because my mom loves him and that kind of scares me… I mean he’s not a bad-looking guy, but these girls he keeps dating, they’re out of his league I think. Especially Stacey. And I hope she does kick his ass when (I’m not even going to try to say “if”) he dumps her. Or maybe she’s like him too and not looking for anything serious. I think it would be fun to see HIM get dumped for once!

  • What I don’t understand is that as a human being in a relationship with and having sex with these girls how George never falls in love. It’s as if he is just not wired for anything except wooing a babe and using her for arm candy like putting on a necktie. Maybe it should be like jury duty. Oh, damn, I gotta miss work for six weeks I’m gonna be on Clooney Duty! Not bad work if you can get it and not fall in love yourself. I bet every one of those girls thought that they are the one to change him. Sad. I hate to agree with those who say these dames are beards but it just doesn’t make sense to me that he never falls in love with any of his women and can discard them like yesterday’s trash without a second glance.