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Taylor Swift Has a Concert, T.I. (… Wait, What?) Joins Her On Stage

First. UNNHH. How hot is T.I.? I’m not one to crush on the rapper-types, as I find a lot of them kind of pretentious and crappy and self-involved, but T.I. is HOT HOT HOT. Taylor Swift, on the other hand? Well. I don’t know. Not so much. You know how we kind of collectively feel about Taylor Swift around these parts, so I’ll give her a free pass on this one and move on to the good points. How about all that screaming? I didn’t know there were many Taylor Swift fans that were also T.I. fans, and vice versa.

Sorry about the poor audio. You know how it goes sometimes.

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  • T.I. IS hot….. shivers when he’s near, even in vid….

    kudos to Taylor for being so open to that kind of collaboration, being a country chick and all….
    (PS the bloggers here all have very unique styles and I appreciate all of you for your intelligence, wit and ability (Sarah in particular) to take a hard line/ hard ass stand on some issues.