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What Does Nick Cannon Do While Listening to Mariah’s Music?

Why, Nick Cannon could do any number of things while listening to Mariah‘s music! He could learn knitting. He could mop the floors. He could teach little Moroccan all about science. The sky’s the limit when it comes to imagining Nick Cannon doing things while jamming out to “Always Be My Baby.” But what is the one thing that he does do?

Strokin’. Yes, Nick Cannon touches his penis while listening to his wife’s songs. Romantic or creepy, you decide!

Another arousing activity that occurs to the tune of Mariah’s music? You can definitely guess this one: beautiful, natural, Nick and Mariah love-making. Of course.

So, uh, with all due respect: did you vomit or did you vomit? Or did that little “Fantasy” video you push you in an entirely different direction?

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