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Evan Rachel Wood Loves Justin Bieber And Making Out With Ryan Gosling

A photo of Evan Rachel Wood

It’s really starting to scare me, the growing appreciation that I have for Evan Rachel Wood. It just seems like yesterday when I would see pictures of her with Marilyn Manson and gag, but now, I think she’s pretty majestic. Oh, do you want more proof?

Here are some quotes from a recent interview with Marie Claire:

On loving Justin Bieber: “I saw the movie [Never Say Never], and that’s what did it. I ended up seeing it three times — in the theaters. One of those times was the director’s cut, I’m not even kidding. I got obsessed with the kid. It’s going to be weird if I ever meet him. He’s brought so much joy to my life.”

On making out with Ryan Gosling in Ides of March: “Yeah, it was awesome. We had fun. Ryan’s amazing because he has this way about him that’s incredibly attractive, not just in a sexy way but he’s smart, he’s cool, he’s talented, he’s really creative, and he has this mysterious quality to him that drives people crazy. So yeah, it wasn’t a hard day at work.”

On what she called Marilyn Manson: “No, I called him Manson. Or just Babe.”

On her engagement to Manson: “I am glad — for both of us. We both have a lot more growing to do. I don’t think it would’ve been right, but I am glad that we were engaged. I think we needed to make a statement to each other that it was legit. So that was good.”

On being bisexual: “Yeah, that’s a big part of who I am, and it always has been for as long as I can remember. I can’t say I’m one way or the other because I’ve honestly fallen in love with a man and I’ve honestly fallen in love with a woman. I don’t know how you label that, it’s just how it is.”

On having relationships with women: “I mean, it was terrifying at first. Not because I thought it was wrong but just because I was intimidated by women. It’s a totally different arena! The approach is completely different than it is with a man but I finally let myself say, “You’ve got to go for this. It’s in you and it’s not going away.” And it was wonderful.”

Is it just me, or has Evan here chilled out a lot? She seems to have grown up quite a bit here recently, and it really, really looks good on her.

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  • She’s always been chilled out.

    She was in the business in the womb. Both parents did stage and television. I think she was 3 when she had her first role.

    She had the advantage of being educated at home by her parents and I’d say is at least bright.

    She worked Manson because he was an easy mark to propel her into the spotlight. Don’t think that most of what she does isn’t tightly controlled.

    She did the same thing to poor ol’ Manson as Dita did: latch onto him, be the caring mommy goth, get the exposure without all the detritus, and dump him when convenient.

    I’d say her mother probably has a huge hand in what she does/who she is at this stage of the game. Her image does look fairly together for a 24 year old.

    For a semi-better picture, I’d recommend taking a look at her twitter feed. (I’m sure you already have it, but EvanRachelWood1).