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Beyonce is Having a Bey-aby!

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At last night’s VMAs, Beyonce showed up in a red muu muu, where her bump was undeniable. Even though everyone already knew she was pregnant the second she walked in the door, she took the announcement even further – she performed her single ‘Love on Top,’ and afterward, opened her sequined jacket and rubbed her baby bump while the crowd cheered and Jay-Z smiled hugely from the audience and I CRIED. Seriously, real tears. I know it’s an extreme thing, that a Beyonce-Jay-Z baby could move me to tears, but hey. Everybody’s got a chink in their armor and this one’s mine, I suppose. One way or the other, I dare you to watch the last thirty seconds of this video and *not* crack a smile.

Sources close to the couple say:

“They told friends in the last month. She’s never been happier. Seriously it’s all she’s been waiting for. And Jay is like an excited kid. They’re adorable.”

Yes, yes they are adorable. Congratulations, guys!

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  • It’s nice and we are happy for her. Lets just hope the baby will look like the MOTHER! because needless to say but jut to state the obvious…Jay-z is sooooo ugly! such a shame.

  • Full disclosure: I missed the red muu muu b/c they showed her for approx .2 seconds on the red carpet, so I had no idea until she rubbed her belly. I screamed, slapped my friend unlucky enough to be sitting next to me, then cried.