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Who Is The King of Hip-Hop?

A photo of Drake, Eminem, and Lil Wayne

Do you remember that time that Rolling Stone checked out some album sales and YouTube hits and such and decided that Lady Gaga is the Queen of Pop? Well, they did that one more time, except this time they checked out a bunch of dudes to see who’s the most popular rapper.

Who do you think it could be?

A photo of Eminem

It’s Eminem! Can you believe it?! Well, you should, because some of the numbers are pretty impressive. For example, when it comes to the YouTube views, Eminem has over 500 million more views than the first runner-up of the category, Lil Wayne. Likewise, when it comes to album sales, Eminem has about five million on the first runner-up (Lil Wayne again). Do you want to just check out the whole list?

1. Eminem

2. Lil Wayne

3. Drake

4. Kanye West

5. Jay-Z

6. Nicki Minaj

7. Rick Ross

8. Ludacris

9. Gucci Mane

10. T.I.

11. Snoop Dogg

12. Diddy

13. Pitbull

14. Fabolous

15. Wiz Khalifa

16. B.O.B.

17. Waka Flocka Flame

18. Lupe Fiasco

19. Kid Cudi

20. Big Boi

Is there anyone missing from this list, or is there anyone listed who you think shouldn’t be?  For instance, why is Nicki Minaj on the list if she has a vagina?  Also, keep in mind that all these numbers are only from 2009 up till now, so please don’t be as outraged as I was when I saw that Tupac was not even mentioned.

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