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Rebecca Black Is the Gift that Will Not Stop Giving

Ugh, OK. It’s hard to hate Rebecca Black. She’s already parlayed wry self-awareness into a facsimile of a career, and props for that.

But if this is Rebecca’s “Moment,” it is an interminable, “endless breadsticks” kind of Moment. Last week, Rebecca joined Katy Perry onstage in concert for a chorus of “Friday”; this week, she was interviewed on ABC’s Nightline about the perils of fame.

Then, last night, Rebecca Black performed a short medley—a very short medley, as she has only two songs—on America’s Got Talent. Verdict? If she’s singing without a backing track, she sounds better than you expect, which isn’t great, but it’s something.

The best part of the performance, however, comes at its conclusion, when Talent judge Piers Morgan visibly wonders when he can get back to his super-important job at CNN. Take a look at Sharon Osbourne‘s reaction. Oh, Piers! What a pistol!

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  • Paris Hilton has zero talent more than the average person and is famous for doing nothing. Now we are making people famous for “negative talent.” As in negative numbers. Rebecca Black actually has less talent than the average person.