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Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne’s tooth fell out on live TV

sharon osbourne

It was just another day on The Talk on Tuesday when all of a sudden, things got REAL and Sharon Osbourne‘s tooth fell off mid-broadcast. Oops!

Sharon said it was an implant that she paid a lot of money for it, so she was pretty mad that the damn thing didn’t stay in her mouth. Also, she was asking her co-hosts if they had any glue and she decided to give everyone a gapped grin because isn’t she just so cheeky? Whatever, slow news day.

Here’s video!

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Sharon Osbourne has been on depression medication for 16 years

sharon osbourne

Sharon Osbourne‘s announcement that she’s been taking depression medication for 16 years seemed to come as a bit of a bombshell to her co-hosts on The Talk on Monday, but I feel like we all already knew this, or that she’s talked about it elsewhere before. Maybe it just seems familiar because it’s not that hard to believe? Either way, she opened up about her battle with depression on the show since Wayne Brady was on talking about his own struggles with it (via People).

“You never talked about that!” said co-host Aisha Tyler.

“Nobody ever asked!” replied Osbourne.

“Some days are better than others, and some days you feel like you just want to pull the sheets over your head and just stay in that bed and not do a damn thing – except rot,” she admitted, saying she has gotten help.

Good for her. So many people battle with depression that it should not be some taboo subject, and I don’t think it is quite as much today (though there still is some stigma). The more people in the public eye who are open about their struggles, not just with depression but with any other topic that tends to be quite hush-hush, the more quickly it’ll become accepted.

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Sharon Osbourne slit her wrist to prove her love for Ozzy

sharon osbourne

Today in “…” news of the day, Sharon Osbourne has revealed that she once slit her wrists in order to prove her love for husband Ozzy Osbourne. I guess ratings were low, because she actually decided to tell this story on The Talk as part of the show’s Secret Week theme. Girl, some secrets are better never being told (via US Weekly):

“I’ve never discussed it out of embarrassment of how stupid I was at the time to do such a thing to myself,” Sharon said. “I was 27, I was just going out with Ozzy at the time…and when we first got together, we would drink a lot together,” she started out. “We had a session of partying…and it’s about 4 in the morning and he says to me, ‘How much do you really love me?’…And I’m saying, ‘I’d do anything for you, anything, I absolutely adore you…I’d give my life for you.’”
The redheaded 61-year-old then went on to admit she physically hurt herself in a dramatic attempt to prove her love.

“I’m like, ‘I’ll show you how much I love you, I’d die for you’…so I went to a room service table…and there was a steak knife,” she said. “I get the knife and I’m like, ‘I love you so much’ and slash, slash, slash on my wrist.’”

Cocaine’s a hell of a drug, I guess? I know people do stupid shit when they’re drunk, but that sounds to me a lot like narcotic-fuelled mania. I’m glad she realizes now how stupid she was, but why even share that story?

In any case, clearly even slitting your wrist with a steak knife doesn’t mean your love is eternal – these two have had their fair share of problems (though they are still hanging on by a thread, for whatever that’s worth).

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Ozzy Osbourne Didn’t Take Too Well to Marriage Counseling

ozzy osbourne sharon osbourne

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have had their share of marriage troubles, but seeking out the help of a counselor did nothing to help their relationship, apparently, as Ozzy just got pissed off and became uncooperative. Wow, that’s super hard to believe! Can’t see that at all!

Here’s how Sharon explained it to Hello:

“It was something we’d never tried before. But actually, it just made Ozzy angry.

“We gave it a go, but it wasn’t for us. What we’ve done we’ve done together and with the help of our family.”
Well… isn’t that kinda part of the problem? If counseling makes him angry, maybe he needs to work through why the hell that’s the case rather than you just abandoning the whole thing because of it. Sure, therapy doesn’t work for everyone, but if you’ve got legitimate issues and want to be committed to making a relationship work, you probably need to do something about it.

But what do I know? These two have been married for almost 32 years, so they must be doing something right (or they just never see each other and Sharon leaves Ozzy to start his bacon fires in peace). Anyway, he’ll apparently be 10 months sober come Christmas, so that’s worth celebrating!

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WTF? Sharon Osbourne LIED About Her Vaginoplasty

Sharon Osbourne went on Graham Norton’s show and talked in detail about her vaginoplasty. Turns out, it was all lies. She was just being “flippant.” She went on Howard Stern‘s show and told the real truth. TMZ posted the recording. Here’s some highlights:

SHARON OSBOURNE: He [Graham Norton] asked me, ‘What cosmetic surgery have you had?’ I said, ‘Oh I’ve had my vagina tightened’ — a flippant, stupid thing to be silly.

HOWARD STERN: But it was true?


STERN: [...] You’re saying you fabricated the whole thing? … Swear on your children’s lives that you made it up.

OSBOURNE: I swear on my children’s lives I made it up just to be flippant.

What in the ever-loving hell? Why would you make that up? Stern accused her of trying to take it back, saying that it was actually the truth and now she’s saying it’s a lie because she’s embarrassed. Osbourne responded with, “I’m NEVER embarrassed.”

Let’s hope she leaves this out of her children’s book.

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Sharon Osbourne Is Writing a Disney Children’s Book

sharon osbourne

When you think of fairy princesses and dashing white knights, the last person you usually think of is Sharon Osbourne. However, I’ve got some news for you: she’s working on a Disney children’s book. Like, for kids. The folks at Disney Publishing Worldwide and Parragon Books have signed a deal with Mrs. O to write Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Mama Hook Knows Best.

Apparently there’s a TV series at the moment called Jake and the Never Land Pirates in which Sharon voices Jake’s mother, so this book will be in line with that series. Who knew? Here’s her statement on the project:

“I have such a wonderful time playing Mama Hook on Jake and the Never Land Pirates.

“To be able to take that role to the book world and share Mama Hook’s stories with families around the world is an honor. I hope kids enjoy reading Mama Hook’s pirate tales and continue to fall in love with her, just as I have.”

Fair enough.

I suppose Sharon “Fuck off, The View” Osbourne isn’t your #1 candidate for kid-friendly material, but who knows, it’ll probably be good.

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Here’s Everything You (Never) Wanted to Know About Sharon Osbourne’s Vaginoplasty

sharon osbourne

Sharon Osbourne has never been shy about talking about… well, anything. She runs her mouth without thinking and that’s sorta why she’s so great. However, there are some things that NO ONE needs to hear about, and that’s her vaginoplasty. If you’re not sure what a vaginoplasty is, you can use your imagination/common sense or I can just tell you it’s a surgery to tighten a lady’s nether regions. It’s a surgery invented by men and to benefit them, but I’ll refrain from going all “Feminazi” on that subject.

Here’s a video of Sharon giving all the nitty gritty details on The Graham Norton Show:

Yeah, no thank you.

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