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Here’s a Prime Example of Why Sunscreen is a Necessity

photo of matthew mcconaughey pictures the paperboy pics

I know Matthew McConaughey is aging well – and by “well,” I definitely mean “without the aid of facial fillers or plastic surgery,” and I definitely commend him for that. He was one hot-ass man fifteen years ago, and to this day he’s still one hot-ass man. BUT. BOYFRIEND. NEEDS. TO STAY OUT OF THE SUN FOR AWHILE. His skin is starting to resemble that of a sweet, vintage leather suitcase. Or, you know, just Donatella Versace.

This is a photo from Matthew’s latest movie, The Paperboy, which also stars Zac Efron, John Cusack (YUM TO THE EXTREME), and Nicole Kidman.

My advice to Matthew?

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  • I think Matt looks OK, always has but I don’t agree he’s aging all that well…he’s always had an older, more chiseled, suntanned face for the past 10 – 15 years, very leathery looking…I remember him at 35 thinking gosh he looks “kinda old”. I think he has an amazing body, undeniably but face? Not really….he looks like a 42 year old dude…