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John Cusack

WATCH THIS: A Movie Called ‘Frozen Ground’, Which Stars John Cusack, Nicolas Cage and … Vanessa Hudgens?

So I *vaguely* remember talking briefly about this movie way back in September of 2011, and by golly, it actually happened! The film’s called ‘Frozen Ground’, and it’s based on the life of serial killer Robert Hansen (played by a man I love, John Cusack). Nicolas Cage is, obviously, if you’ve already watched the...

First Peek at John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe

John Cusack creeps me the fuck out with his Twitter page and he’s about to do the same thing in his new movie, The Raven. John is playing Edgar Allan Poe, and while I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him act well enough to believe he can pull this part off, he certainly got his shit together in wardrobe. Are you going to see The Raven?