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So This is the Movie That Made Daniel Craig Fall in Love With Rachel Weisz

Isn’t that so funny about Hollywood and movies and actors? That, given the right set of circumstances, they’ll fall hopelessly in love while on the set? It worked for these guys, it worked for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie … I know that if I were an independently wealthy and marginally-talented actress, I’d pay my agent to only cast me in Adrien Brody features. Every time. Because chances would be, one of those times would be the juggernaut. And then I could fade back into obscurity with Adrien Brody as my MAN and I would WIN FOREVER.

Also, this movie looks pretty good, but didn’t they kind of give away the plot twist halfway through the trailer?

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  • It appears Daniel always has to sleep with his leading ladies…… glad he didn’t marry Sienna though, hope it lasts with Rachel but I doubt it will……. he is just a tart, a ‘well endowed’ tart so I hear!

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