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Did You Guys See the Adrien Brody-Stella Artois Commercial Last Night?

If you’re the type of person who only watches the Super Bowl for its pricey, over-the-top commercials, then you probably caught this amazing commercial, featuring my dream man stumping for an equally-amazing beer to boot.

If you were a Steelers fan too busy chewing your nails ’cause of the BEAT DOWN that the Packers were handing out last night, then you might have missed this hot-assed gem of a commercial.

No joke, though, guys – as soon as I saw that very definitive silhouette slouched in the darkened entryway of the pub, I knew it was him. I KNEW. I spent the proceeding two minutes mouth agape, drooling, and in ecstasy, and before I knew it, it was over.

That, my friends?  Is precisely how I envision (a lot) of sex with Adrien.

Oh Adrien Brody. You are so hot and delectable and I would just eat you off a fucking spoon. Is there anything you can’t do?

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  • Great commercial, but piss in a bottle. It wasn’t until I made it to Belgium that you realize how bottom of the barrel Stella really is, heck I’d take an everyday Jupiler over that any day.

  • Dear Jesus,

    Please turn me into beer. I heard a story once about you turning water into wine and I know the chemical properties of a human are very different than beer, but I’m sure you have some sort of sophisticated distillery up there because I saw some pretty major ones on the history channel and you’re not going to let them one-up you are you?



    p.s. Also, please ship the Beer-me to Adrien Brody with a note that says: “From Jesus, You’re Welcome” so he will drink it

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