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Love It or Leave It: Olivia Wilde for The L.A. Times

A photo of Olivia Wilde

I think Olivia Wilde is off the charts hot. Like, I think there’s a solid chance that she’s the most gorgeous lady working in Hollywood today. That doesn’t mean I like anything at all about her, and it doesn’t mean I hate anything about her either, it just means that I like her face, and it means that I like it a lot.

All that being said, I think that the L.A. Times really did a big disservice to Olivia here. She’s undeniably attractive with the old glamour look here, but personally, I think she thrives on House, in Thirteen’s simple yet stylish clothes with her hair pulled back so you can see her flawless face. All the makeup and the big hair just distract from the perfection that she was born with, so even though I typically adore this style, I’m going to have to leave it here and go back to drooling over the fifth season of House. What about you?

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