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Wow, Olivia Wilde. Just Wow.

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The speedy, neverending parade of A-list men continues: Olivia Wilde has moved on to yet another hot dude, all in one or two days. Her last “conquest” was said to be Jake Gyllenhaal, and prior to that, Justin Long. Prior to that, Bradley Cooper. Oh, and before that, it was Justin Timberlake. This is all in the last few weeks, too, I believe.

Olivia’s latest hot thang? Ryan Reynolds. Yup. He’s been sucked in. Seriously, I wonder what this girl’s got that has these guys all lined up to try for a piece. She have some kind of magic vadge? Is it gold-lined? Diamond encrusted? Emit sparks? Does she have super horny and share-y twin sisters hidden somewhere?

Girl, you need to EXPLAIN YOURSELF.

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  • It probably has something to do with biblically forbidden orifices.. or is that orifii? Anyhow, ewwwww, yucky.. she needs some lysol and a scrub brush. I wouldn’t touch her with a 10 foot pole or a 12 foot swede…

  • Wasn’t she also rumored to be dating Ryan Gosling not all that long ago? Luckiest. Woman. Alive. (nod to Sarah).

  • I was with Olivia Wilde until Ryan Reynolds. Ugh. Maybe if I put a paper bag over his head to get rid of that smug doucheface he constantly wears. No, probably not even then.

    • Yeah, because it would be you putting the bag of Ryan Reynold’s head and not the other way around.

  • ryan reynolds?? c’mon. he was lucky enough to snag scarlett (for god knows what reason) but she’s waaaaaayyyyy outta his league!

  • It’s all in the name – Cockburn. She’s an attractive girl offering commitment-free sex, show me a straight single guy who’ll refuse.