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The World Isn’t Even Kidding About How Hot Olivia Wilde Is

Olivia Wilde In Lucky Magazine

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I met Olivia Wilde once at this red carpet event I was working back when I had to do a lot of red carpet things for another company and lemme tell you: If I only knew two years ago that the blue-eyed bombshell I was talking to on the NBC Burbank lot was going to go ahead and turn in to the sexiest woman on the planet, I probably would have listened a lot closer to her anecdote about some bad LA driving experience she had.

Her new photos in Lucky? They defy gorgeous. Of course there’s Photoshopping involved (and I only point that out because she looks a bit like a doll in some of these shots), but what the hell? Are there really people out there who are born this good looking? I can’t even wrap my brain around her face, let alone the fact that she’s got a slamming body and a seemingly intelligent brain inside of that perfect head. Genetic lottery, fools. She won it.

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  • She’s really beautiful, but I don’t think she is amazingly special or anything. She does look like Carla Bruni before the plastic surgery.

  • First of all, molls, -you- are super cute enough that my friend and I are kind of jealous.

    But also, you are right, Olivia Wilde did kind of hit the genetic lottery; her figure is perfect (I cannot believe that she thinks that her thighs are a “problem area”). I think that I like the photograph of her in the light purple dress the most. Her outfit on the cover is not really what I would go with — it does not look like she should -move- if she were actually wearing it, but perhaps it is more practical than it looks.

  • she certainly has the most beautifully shaped eyes on the planet. thankfully, on House – they photograph her wonderfully…they don’t put too much eye makeup on because she doesn’t need it.

    plus isn’t she married to a prince or something? she was raised all over the world – she’s VERY interesting…

    genetic lottery is right..

  • Who the fuck is this bitch?

    This website is the only time I hear about her.

    She’s meh. Average North American looking girl.

  • I respectfully have to disagree. If you added some blue eyeshadow, too much black eyeliner, lip liner, chipped nail polish and a skinned-back pony tail with some gum to smack, she’d look like the angry teenage clerk at Walgreens or the dollar-store. Or those mean girls from middle school.

  • I don’t get it. She’s fine, but I wouldn’t use her image as Exhibit A for “genetic lottery.”

  • I think she’s gorgeous, but these photos don’t do her justice. She does the natural look really well, lately i think her eyebrows are overplucked

  • I don’t disagree that she’s beautiful. But I’d sue over these pictures, if I were her. They are horrible! Her head looks like it is on crooked. And that first pic, with the white t-shirt, she’s a board! No waist. No boobs. No hips.

  • She is way over air-brushed made up. She looks like a knock-off barbie doll in that cover, complete with the plastic head on the plastic neck.

    She’s a very pretty woman, but she doesn’t look human here.

  • I think she’s lovely, and I really enjoy her on House. I feel like she carried her character’s weird, dramatic storylines far better than that chick who played Dr. Cameron (she has improved, but by the end of season 3 I was really glad they cut her role back).

    BeetLover, I totally see where you’re coming from with the bitchy-Walgreens-clerk-girl thing, though! Liquid eyeliner would NOT be this lady’s friend. As is, though, I think she’s beautiful.

  • Perfection is in the eye od the beholder anyway. Shes common, nothing spectacular about her, overrated. Be honest, if u saw her on the street with no make up would u turn ur head after her? U wouldnt. Genetic lottery? Get real…

  • Is it weird that I dont see anything special about her? She looks like a normal “pretty”, skinny – ass girl to me…