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Let’s Talk About the Dresses: Olivia Wilde



Love her, love her, love her.


The only thing is that if you look at the close-ups of her face it looks like she’s been crying all day and they went overboard with the concealer to cover it up.

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  • corect me if I am wrong, but is it not a rule that UNLESS you are wearing ‘feature’ earrings with a strapless dress, you MUST wear a ‘feature’ necklace?

    I dunno if those itty bitty clip-on looking earrings cut it with that belt.

    Nice collarbones though.

  • I love Olivia Wilde. I think she is gorgeous, but I really hate this dress. I’m so disappointed because she always looks slick. This is too frilly and so not her. I hate the color too.

  • Holy Crap!!! Did she just leave her job at a Disney exhibit? It looks like some carnivore ate a peacock, shit it out the next day, and she decided to wear it. (after coloring it pink, of course). Who did her make-up? It is way to light beneath her eyes, and the end of her nose is far to dark compared to the bridge. She looks like Pinocchio.

  • she is pretty but perfect? her jaw is huge. i would need google maps to navigate that thing.

    don’t like the dress either, kinda cheap looking especially on the bottom half

  • I almost didn’t recognize who she was in these pics! She looks way hotter on House. The dress reminds me of a late 80s early 90s prom gown.
    She’s a beautiful woman; I just wish she’d eat a little more and fire the person who duped her into wearing that thing.

  • usually i absolutely love olivia wilde, but in these photos she does NOT look good. she looks like a messed up barbie doll. the dress reminds me of a kindergarten’s dress up party, and her make up is all wrong.

  • The dress and the color of it are perfect on her… her smile looks so strained, it looks uncomfortable. Not as gorgeous as she usually looks.

  • Beet, maybe you could articulate your attraction to Olivia a bit more? Which features make her perfect from your perspective (her eyes? square face-type? posture? delicacy?)? Because I’m just not seeing it. All I’m seeing is… skeletal.

  • this dress is a rip-off of what penelope cruz wore to the oscars a few years ago… and i think that one was a rip-off of someone else’s… anyone remember those dresses?

  • I love Olivia Wilde on Dexter – she always looks so classic and polished, like she’s French or Angelina Jolie. There’s just something weird about this whole look, it’s too much, it’s not “her”. She just looks uncomfortable. I think she would have been better off with something satin and sleek, maybe in blue. Also matching eye-shadow to the colour of your outfit always looks bad.