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Lily Allen Got Married, Looked Beautiful, Is Possibly Pregnant

A photo of Lily Allen

I want nothing but the best for Lily Allen, and you should too. This girl had such a horrible time this past year, she deserves some happiness.  And boy, does she look happy.  Look at her, how adorable is she in these pictures?  Her little earmuff veil and her adorable smile?  I can’t handle all this adorable.

In addition to her wedding, she might also have another reason to be smiling, and that reason is a baby! According to The Daily Mail, Lily’s brand new husband, Sam Cooper, announced today at the wedding that Lily is pregnant again.  If that’s true, and judging by Lily’s choice in wedding dresses, it’s definitely a possibility, then this will be her third pregnancy – the first two ended in miscarriages. Let’s hope that if Lily is pregnant, everything goes well and everyone ends up happy and healthy and lovely, and if she’s not, then we can still hope the same.

And now for some pretty pictures!

Images courtesy of D-Listed