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Lily Allen Hospitalized With Septicaemia

Lily Allen has been having an incredibly horrible few days.  Earlier this week, the news broke that Lily had suffered a miscarriage, and now she’s in the hospital with septicaemia, a bacterial infection of the blood.  The infection, which was probably brought on by the miscarriage, can be fatal, but Lily’s doing well.  Her rep said that she’s “responding well to treatment and her condition continues to improve,” and that “Lily thanks everyone for their messages of support and again asks that she and partner Sam Cooper be left alone whilst she recovers.”

This just sounds like such an awful situation.  If you like to pray or chant or send positive energy or anything like that, I think it’d be nice to do some of that for Lily and women like her.

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  • How heartbreaking. Infertility, miscarriage and things like this are so hard to go through. I wish her all the best. Happy thoughts and many prayers to her and all the other individuals (male and female) going through similar struggles. May we all lean on each other for support.

  • Technically, it’s not really a miscarriage since she was 6 months along, a miscarriage generally happens in the 1st trimester. The poor girl more than likely had to give birth to a stillborn baby- that baby would have been viable outside the womb had it not died inside. My guess is that the septicemia is what led to the death of the baby- but thats just my guess. At any rate, this is a horribly sad story and situation for her to go through. Hopefully, with the correct antibiotics, she will be physically better soon!