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Lily Allen Miscarried Again :(

This is terrible news.

This week Lily Allen suffered her second miscarriage while six months along in her pregnancy. The retired singer also had a miscarriage in January 20o8.

From PopEater:

Allen was rushed to a hospital on Thursday morning with pains in her stomach, but efforts to save the child failed. She announced in August that she and boyfriend Sam Cooper were expecting.

The statement from her rep: “It is with great sadness that we have to confirm that Lily Allen and Sam Cooper have lost their baby. The couple ask that their privacy be respected and that they be left alone at this deeply distressing time. No further comment will be made.”

Any time someone loses a baby it’s a tragedy, but Lily has really refocused her life after she suffered that first miscarriage. Quitting music and trying to open up a vintage shop was all a part of her greater plan to slip into obscurity and become a mother, and so I can only imagine how lost she’s feeling right now.

Thankfully there are so many options for a wealthy couple with fertility issues and Lily will still be able to make her dream of becoming a mom come true.

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  • It isn’t even a miscarriage at that point. That is a baby that is about the size of a banana, the head the size of a lemon. How horribly tragic. :(

  • “A wealthy couple with fertility issues have so many options”?

    Excuse me? That is so many shades of wrong and thoughtless I don’t even know where to begin.

    Leave it at “We are so sorry your baby died”.

  • Poor Lily Allen. Her second embryo got Psychinated by a blood disease. Why can’t she have a baby without it being Psychinated?

  • @Jizzle: A 6-month-old fetus is viable & not the size of a banana with a lemonhead. Fetuses survive as early as 23 weeks gestation & have since the 1980’s. A fetus @ 6 months would weigh between 1+-2+ lbs, depending on genetics, maternal nutrition/ health, & environmental influences. @Krz: Having a miscarriage is not a fertility problem, but an inability to carry to term. A fertility problem would be an inability to get pregnant.The two are not synonymous. I have been a neonatal intensive care nurse for 31 years & yes, this is a tragedy. All the technology in the world is sometimes not enough.

  • Poor darling Lily, she would have had to give birth. I want to tell her I had to do this, knowing my baby was dead, at 7 months, I still cannot get over it BUT I did have two boys after that who are now 6’5″ tall! And I want to tell that to Lily. Hope she gets this