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Snoop Dogg Wants to Start A Rap Version of Idol

A photo of Snoop Dogg

I support Snoop Dogg in everything he does, and so should you. This is a man with many a dream, and I hope he achieves every single one.  You might say that that’s because I would love to live in a world where you could marijuana easier than you can buy Girl Scout cookies, and that’s fair, but it’s also because I believe in people, and I especially believe in people who want to bring me a mass amount of solid entertainment.

Here’s the story from the New York Post:

Snoop Dogg wants to launch rap’s answer to “American Idol.” The rapper has been pitching a TV series to discover the next hot hip-hop act. We hear that Oxygen, Bravo and NBC aren’t biting but that E! and MTV have shown interest. Sources say Snoop is touting that the show could be as popular as Fox’s “American Idol,” but TV execs are not convinced.

The story goes on to say that Snoop wants Jay-Z involved, but Jay-Z’s people are like “no, no, stop talking about it.”  Meanwhile, Wiz Khalifa is like “hey, I can do it though, let me help.”  Oh, please, whoever is in charge of shitty music competition shows, just give this one a pass.  Just for a moment, then it can die a serene, dignified death.

Would you guys watch a rap version of American Idol?

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  • Even if it lasted for a season – it’d certainly be entertaining! Especially the first show with the awful auditions!!

    I’d watch it for the laughs.

  • First off I hate shows like that..Just because they are full of it,,On the other hand for someone who has a dream to make it in the entertainment industry that would I would love that!!Also join to compete..I support snoop all the way and ride with him to the end..