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Snoop Dogg LOVES Drugs


I reported yesterday that I thought both he and Diddy were punk-asses so I’m sure someone is going to give me flack because he was arrested today in Sweden for suspected narcotics use. Honestly, I wonder if they even had to search him. I would think his passport would say something like “Hey, this guy is on drugs.” I bet they have a special stamp for that.

Oh, in reading the article I’m sort of right! Check this out:

“You can see that a person indicates that he has used narcotics in looking at his eyes or his movements. (Police) suspected that he had taken drugs.”

He’s Snoop Dogg. Are you guys serious with this? Here is the best part, guess what those maniac Swedes are going to do with him?

Results are due in two to three weeks and the rapper could face a fine if the tests confirm drug use. “if he earns a lot, it can be a couple of thousand (Swedish crowns) ($280)”

Now that, my friends, is hilarious. If $280 was the fine in America you’d see people lighting up on the street and carrying a checkbook with them. Snoop has got to be like “Hey cousin, I’m Snoop, I’m on drugs, here is your money. Now bring me that bikini team should they still exist.”

The lesson here: Go Swedish drug laws and play on Snoopy. You’re still not gangsta though.

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  • Why are you hating on the big boss dogg he smokes weed so what the deeznutz are you talkin bout that that thare whole my country smokes weed in holland is legal sweden knows its always has bin a medication since they chance the law in the 60Teez dont think you tuff talkin that trash round this mawfaka whaddup 2 the lbc 213 4life